Braintree Real Estate Brokerage Joins Compass

BRAINTREE – 02-15-2019 ( — Today Signal Real Estate, a boutique real estate brokerage based in Braintree, has made it official, joining Compass at their Hingham office as the Signal Group. The move adds to the growing market share for Compass on the South Shore as they continue to expand throughout the region, adding top agents throughout the Greater Boston area.  Signal’s broker, Justin Rollo, outlined the reasons for the move in a release to clients, friends, and staff.


To Clients, Friends, & Family,

Today Signal Real Estate embarks on an exciting new adventure with Compass as the Signal Group.  It has been with very careful consideration that we make this move and believe wholeheartedly it will not only assist us in better serving our clients but empower us with the tools to continue to press onward as our industry and market continue to shift and evolve.  Leaving the world of boutique brokerages was not an easy one.  Throughout the decision-making process, there were four main drivers that continued to push us towards Compass, the details of which you will see below.  Thank you for your support along our journey and we look forward to connecting individually about the exciting things coming in the future for The Signal Group.


Increased Leverage

We have loved the process of owning and operating a boutique brokerage.  We have loved building the Signal Real Estate brand and the systems our agents currently enjoy.  That being said, there has been a significant and ongoing investment made in the day to day operation of the business leaving us all with less bandwidth to do what we truly enjoy, assisting our clients in buying and selling real estate.  Through the Compass platform and the incredible agent support team, we are able to reduce the noise and focus more on a singular goal, the satisfaction of our clients.


Brand Awareness

As a small boutique, we have always struggled to remain top of mind with home buyers and sellers.  This is the existential struggle for any small business, awareness.  Over the years we have been a pioneer in the space, trying and testing new ideas and being the first in the region to pilot new programs. We have operated in this way not only because we’ve always been a forward thinking company but also out of necessity.  Even with the vast changes within the advertising landscape and the opportunities to target specific niches more efficiently we have consistently had to adapt, innovate, and test new concepts to stay ahead of the larger companies in the space.  Recently, we’ve continued to see this challenge of creating brand awareness become greater and greater for boutique brokerages, partially due to the influx of venture capital into the real estate industry in an attempt to find the next big disruptor.  With Compass we are being afforded a rare opportunity, to continue to innovate in the way we have in the past while enjoying the backing of an extremely well branded national company.



Technology is something that Compass is clearly passionate about and sees as one of their major competitive advantages.  They continue to create and improve upon tools which allow real estate agents to bring a higher level of service to their clients while also increasing efficiency.  At Signal we’ve always believed that the evolution of technology in the real estate space would be a game changer for agents, allowing them to work more closely with their clients by eliminating much of the repetitive tasks.  It is in this belief that we have found a true partner in Compass who continues to utilize their vast engineering and development resources to build much of what we could only dream of as a boutique.



The fourth and most important of all the reasons for our decision to join Compass is the culture that they are building. Frankly, culture is an overused word in today’s business lexicon.  However, it is in their culture that Compass truly shines.  It was paramount to us to find a company that not only placed importance in putting the client first but also shared our vision of the future of this industry.  We’ve always known that the real estate agent you choose matters, their experience matters, their knowledge matter.  This is an absolute truth in this industry, however, as technology has evolved and continued to become more ubiquitous in the real estate space there have been numerous attempts to disrupt the current model by marginalizing the real estate agent and attempting to replace their expertise with technology and flashy apps.  As a broker, this trend has troubled me for quite some time.  As agents continue to be positioned as nothing more than a door opener by the on-demand economy we continue to move closer and closer to a place where buyers and sellers are making a life-changing transaction based purely off of an algorithm.  Startups embrace this marginalization of the real estate brokerage model by playing off the perception that real estate agents are over-compensated as it is the easiest road to venture capital.  Compass has shirked this trend, focusing on the top agents in each market and putting the spotlight back on the expertise and simply augmenting it with state of the art technology.  Compass shares our vision of the future, empowering truly great agents to continue to make a positive impact in their client’s lives and be the trusted advisor and expert their clients want and need.


Onward and Upward.


Justin Rollo
Signal Real Estate

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