Happy Tubs now offers Whirlpool Tub Repair in Dallas, TX

PLANO, TX – 02-16-2019 —

  • As more new homes now feature jetted tubs and smart showers in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, this fills a need that previously went unfilled.
  • Adding jetted tub repairs to the other bathtub repair services offered, makes Happy Tubs the premier bathtub repair service in DFW.

Happy Tubs, a bathtub repair company in the DFW area is now (effective immediately) offering whirlpool tub repairs to homeowners and property management companies in North Texas. While they have provided jacuzzi tub repairs directly to manufacturers for warranty service in Dallas, TX and the surrounding Metroplex for years, now the jetted bathtub repair service is available to everyone.


Long a first choice for manufacturers for warranty repairs of jetted tubs, Happy Tubs is now offering whirlpool tub repairs in all of Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. Jetted tub repairs are a specialized niche that requires not only training and familiarity with the systems, but also expertise and access to hard to source parts in order to have a successful repair.


A high percentage of households in DFW have at least one jetted tub or smart shower or smart toilet. These fixtures certainly provide a higher quality of life through not only therapeutic value in the case of jetted tubs, but also in convenience when it comes to smart showers and smart toilets.


Just as anything else in a home, these fixtures can break or malfunction requiring service to get them back in operating condition. Happy Tubs employees are a highly trained team of technicians and specializes in jacuzzi tub repairs. Being a warranty service provider for whirlpool tub manufacturers helps Happy Tubs technicians by giving them access to direct high level tech support and access to parts and repair materials.


Even older tubs that were originally installed when the home was built can often be repaired instead of replaced. The fact that their pricing is among the lowest in the area certainly helps save homeowners money on the repairs. Parts for common repairs are routinely stocked in the vehicles and make for quick and efficient jetted tub repairs.


Happy Tubs also has a solution for dirty and neglected jetted tubs. With a professional grade jetted tub cleaner, there is no need to put up with a bathtub that smells or where black flakes come out of the jets when tub is turned on. Effective for use as a whirlpool tub cleaner or as a tub jet cleaner for all types of bathtubs it removes all biofilm and grime build up inside the jets and pipes. The jacuzzi tub cleaner is available for sale directly from Happy Tubs and can be found on the website. It’s also the same cleaner that is used by Happy Tubs technicians when on site for a in-person jetted tub cleaning.


Happy Tubs specializes in:


  • American Standard Bathtub Repair 
  • Kohler Bathtub Repair
  • Jacuzzi Bathtub Repair
  • Royal Bathtub Repair
  • Jetta Bathtub Repair
  • Whirlpool Bathtub Repair
  • MTI Bathtub Repair


One of the most common problems encountered by homeowners is that their jetted tub won’t turn on, while some report that their bathtub motor just hums. The specialists at Happy Tubs are fully trained and equipped to handle these common issues and can typically complete a jet tub repair quickly and inexpensively on the very first trip.

This type of quick and responsive service becomes especially convenient when the home is listed for sale and a problem with the jetted tub comes up during the inspection process. Happy Tubs is the first company to be referred by plumbers, contractors and real estate agents with hundreds of recommendations throughout DFW.


Some common repairs that come up in the Dallas – Fort Worth area are:


  • Bathtub Pump Repair
  • Bathtub Jet Repair
  • Bathtub Switch Repair
  • Bathtub Jet Cleaning



For more information, visit Happy Tubs on the web at www.happytubs.com or call/text at 469-844-5292

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