International Security Services, Inc. Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

BROOKLYN, NY – 02-18-2019 ( — International Security Services, Inc. today announced that the company is celebrating its 20th anniversary as one of New York City’s leaders in quality security and investigative services. Today, ISS provides a full range of services for its partners and customers, including security guard and executive protection, a wide array of investigation services, and training for security guards and fire safety directors.

“We are proud to celebrate two decades of service in the city of New York,” ISS founder George Kozhar said. “From our perspective, there is nothing more important than ensuring that life, property, and assets are protected from those that would put them at risk. And we are just as committed to helping to train the next generation of security guards and fire safety personnel, to ensure that those threats can continue to be countered in the decades to come.”

Kozhar founded ISS in 1999 as a licensed provider of private investigator services. From the beginning, the company’s founder relied on his decades of experience as a Special Forces services officer in the former Soviet Union to help his New York customers with all their critical investigative needs. 

Over time, the company added security guard and protection services to its repertoire, as well as NY-approved training facilities that produce some of the finest security guard graduates in the city. ISS training forms the foundation for the company’s commitment to excellence in all its security service endeavors.

“Our security guards and executive protection personnel are among the best in the industry,” Kozhar explained, “precisely because we train them ourselves. That approach provides an extra layer of peace-of-mind for our clients since they never have to wonder about any security detail’s qualifications.”

The company also operated the ISS Fire Science Institute, which provides training for New York Fire and Life Safety Directors. That certification is required for anyone filling a Fire and Life Safety Director role in many of the city’s buildings. The training is necessary to ensure that that personnel are well-qualified to help prevent fires and other emergency situations or manage responses when a disaster occurs.

Today, ISS continues to provide quality security guard services – both armed and unarmed, as well as VIP protection, investigations in New York City and overseas, and fire safety. As technologies have evolved, the company has adapted and grown to keep pace with emerging threats and cutting-edge solutions. ISS clients can rely on the company’s experts for everything from de-bugging sweeps to CCTV monitoring and security equipment installation.”

“It’s often said that New York City is the city that never sleeps,” Kozhar notes. “Well, risks to life and property never sleep either. That’s why ISS is here: to provide the protection people and organizations need to counter those threats. We are eternally grateful to the city of New York and our fellow New Yorkers for allowing us to serve them for the last two decades. We look forward to continuing that relationship for another twenty years – and beyond.

About International Security Services, Inc:

Founded in 1999, International Security Services, Inc. (ISS) is a full-service security, investigative, and training firm with a singular mission: to safeguard lives, property, and assets from threats both known and unknown. The company offers executive protection details, security guard services, a full array of investigative services, technology-based security, and training for security guard and fire safety candidates.

ISS founder George Kozhar is a former Soviet Union Special Forces services officer with decades of security and investigative experience and has used that experience to help make ISS leading security, investigative, and training services provider.

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