Messiah says Bible is not Word of God, evolution is true

ENGLEWOOD, CO – 02-18-2019 ( — Mukesh Prasad, a resident of Englewood, Colorado, a US citizen born in India, who claims to be the prophesied Second Coming of Christ, is saying the Bible is not Word of God.

“The book of Luke was written by Luke, a nice man, but a man” he says, “and the Book of John was written by John. Even the Book of Genesis is written in the third person.” He says the Bible is from nice wise men, but claiming that it is the Word of God is evil. “Theologically speaking”, he adds “the claim that the Bible is the Word of God is an instrument of Lucifer, the Devil, the Satan. In theological terms, that is the literal truth. If you say, believe, or otherwise support the idea of Bible being the Word of God, you are being a minion of Satan.”

He further explained the theology “The claim that Bible is the Word of God challenges God, by placing mere men in equivalence to God. In Christianity, challenging God is the job of Lucifer, aka Devil or Satan. So theologically, the blasphemous claim that Bible is the Word of God – technically derives from Satan, the Devil.” In practical terms, it is a potential explanation of the numerous problems the church has faced, from the persecution of Galileo to the numerous, numerous modern failings – all that could be explained by the Devil’s deep influence. Speaking in modern terminology, the deep self-conflict generated by the deep inner knowledge that one was defending a manifest untruth as religion – left the leaders of the religion in deep self-doubt, guilt, and thus not able to provide proper spiritual leadership. Citing the recent de-frocking of a Cardinal he says “The deep doubt, the fake spirituality, arises not from this cardinal alone, but from the entire leadership, who will be defrocked and worse in Eternal Life if they do not correct themselves.”

He further says evolution is true, there is no doubt that evolution happened, and in fact both Bible and Ramayan (ancient Hindu religious text) support evolution when read appropriately without the clergy-induced superstitions and blasphemies. The anti-science fervor of the current Christianity comes entirely from Satan-inspired elements of the clergy.

He also says Christians are obliged to acknowledge him, in this life, as Mukesh Prasad. “If you say you are Christians, but are unable even to openly recognize and openly acknowledge the returned Christ, who are you really? In this life and in Eternal Life? People should not be dying with this important issue unresolved.”

He does not blame the Christian laity. “The laity did recognize me as far back as the 1980s. However, the church took advantage of that to grow itself, monetarily and otherwise. The laity had gathered for me, to hear about my views and my existence and its meaning. Taking advantage of the laity’s interest by various elements of the clergy to grow themselves instead of leading the flock to me and my views, was and is dishonest. It has led to obviously very bad results. This ‘taking advantage of’ mentality and fact adds a spiritual twist, a sin, to the existence of the clergy. They must get rid of this very dishonest twist, this sin, and clear their conscience – otherwise they are not fit to preach.”

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