The Latest News Portal in Brazil, Assine Todo Dia, is Ready to Launch

BRAZIL – 02-15-2019 — The newest digital news start-up in Brazil, Assine Todo Dia, sets to bring everyone nothing but original contents about the society, technology, trending beauty, health and so on.

Finally, after years of padded information from so many news portals, a new digital news start-up, Assine Todo Dia, sets to ensure that the people of Brazil reads nothing but fact-based contents that are written as they are with no buttresses.Assine Todo Dia is going to work hand-in-hand with top-notch journalists and experts from various fields to produce news and information that will be of high standard.The new news website is undoubtedly going to join the expanding numbers of online news websites in the country but it is prepared to stand out by publishing quality contents that will be beneficial to all news reader.Assine Todo Dia news website will basically focus on society, home and garden, technology, business, beauty and health.“Our goal is to fight fake news that is now widespread online in Brazil by joining forces with reliable journalists and experienced writers,” said Jorge Lucas, founder of Assine Todo Dia. “We’ll bring nothing but transparent information to our readers about what is trending in our society. Helpful information about health, business, technology and many more.”Misinformation has become the order of the day. Fake news cannot only cause division and misguidance in society but bring a damaging effect to the society. It is a problematic situation but Assine Todo Dia is going to solve this problem, contributing their own quota by publishing true information that every reader can rely on.The beginning of Assine Todo Dia News portal marks the beginning of a new era in Brazil when it comes to online news. The company will bring current events, business information, latest technology news and so many others, see more here.

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