World’s Leading Technologists Launch One of Its Kind Technical Foundation in Singapore

SINGAPORE – 02-18-2019 — World’s Leading Technologists Launch One of Its Kind Technical Foundation in Singapore

Computer scientist Leonid and Francois founded Pacific Fintech Development Foundation (PFD) in Singapore as a company that builds technical solutions for their customers.For IMMEDIATE RELEASEFeb 18, 2019, SingaporePFD Foundation began with projects like gold art collection, ABCD trading, ABCD entertainment, ABCD mall and, PFD charity. In a first, PFD Foundation collaborated with Shanghai Tianming Fund Jewelry co., LTD and Gold Art Collection project to promote Chinese painting with the aim to introduce Chinese culture and art to the outside world. PFD Foundation launched a ground-breaking platform, ‘ABCD Trading’, which combines artificial intelligence, cloud, blockchain and big data to simplify complex data in a short span of time. It is a mathematical model trading system with powerful computing capabilities that give direction to gold futures, foreign exchange, stocks and, digital currency. PFD Foundation launched another project driven by artificial intelligence. This one called “ABCD Entertainment”, is aimed at creating ultimate entertainment experiences through artificial intelligence and 5G technology. The model uses knowledge about users to suggest them personalized products.PFD Mall is a project that seeks to build Internet of Things (IoT) and transform the development of the traditional real estate. PFD plans to use artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data and, cloud to improve the shopping experience for customers worldwide. This project is built to improve selling strategy, inventory and, customer management.Among its many projects is PFD Charity, which is aimed at creating a harmonious society. By helping the disadvantaged groups, PFD Charity wants to become an efficient charitable system capable of working throughout the world. So far, it has carried out charity works like elderly care, education support, disaster relief, support for the disabled and poverty alleviation. The managers at PDF Foundation were ambitious about their future projects and said, “Our ultimate aim is to help organizations make better decisions with the help of artificial intelligence, cloud, big data, and blockchain.” They added, “Our team has the industry experts with extensive experience in tackling challenges in technology”.For its better operability throughout the world, PDF Foundation has partnered with renowned brands such as Amazon Web Services, Solidity, IBM Watson, Windows Azure, MultiChain, Oracle and, Hyperledger. PFD Foundation has helped businesses and organizations transform their large data into understandable insights with the help of artificial intelligence. The Singapore based company has a strong team of industry leaders and experts from the fields of Data Science, Cloud Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, and blockchain.For more informationWebsite: Pacific Fintech Development Foundation, 28/F, Clifford Centre, 24 Raffles Place, Singapore 048621

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