CertifiedTrue Blockchain Services adds Insurance Industry Executive William Clement to Advisory Board

NEW YORK, NY – 02-19-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Insurance Executive William A. Clement joins the ranks of CertifiedTrue!

CertifiedTrue is continuing to attract talented and accomplished individuals to help advance CertifiedTrue’s vision of being the trusted name in blockchain for the Legal, Real Estate and Insurance industries.

For this reason, CertifiedTrue is especially pleased to announce that William A Clement, an experienced executive in the Insurance industry has joined CertifiedTrue’s Advisory Board.

William Clement

Mr. Clement, an exceptionally accomplished individual with an unparalleled record of achievements brings a keen understanding of the inner workings of the insurance industry to CertifiedTrue. Mr. Clement is a former President and CEO of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company.  Before joining Atlanta Life, Bill served as the Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Dobbs, Ram & Company, a FinTech company, which was a sub-contractor engaged by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to develop and maintain the IRS “E-Filing” system.

Mr. Clement is also a former Vice-President and Senior Credit Officer of Citizens Trust Bank and a former member of the Board of Directors of Radiant Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:RADS); TRX, Inc. (NASDAQ:TRXI); BRS Trust, LLC (TSX:HOM.U) and the former non-Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of The Clement Insurance Group, Inc., a multi-line insurance agency.

Adding to this depth of industry knowledge is Mr. Clement’s extraordinary knowledge of regulatory and policy issues, having served as a Presidential appointee to the Board of Directors of the National Cooperative Bank, Washington, D.C.

Bill’s expertise as an Audit Committee Financial Expert will also undoubtedly prove invaluable to CertifiedTrue as a startup seeking financing to advance to its next phase of development.

Bill earned a bachelor’s degree from Morehouse College and an MBA from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Over the last several years, many have spoken of how Blockchain technology is going to change the world or reinvent paradigms. CertifiedTrue’s Founders continue to believe in the transformational potential of Blockchain but have focused on identifying and meeting the needs of three key highly process-oriented market segments including understanding their needs and on making it easier for them to migrate existing processes and functions onto Blockchain. For these industries, CertifiedTrue’s blockchain network, Certnet, operates as a shared system of record and single source of truth for various types of transactional data.

Bringing on an Insurance Executive and FinTech leader like Bill Clement helps augment this focus.

CertifiedTrue’s CEO, Stephen Graves, noted that “At this phase we have been refining our hybridized permission consensus model so that Insurers will understand how it bolsters the “trust factor”. Developing solid use cases with an understanding of standard industry processes is essential in moving blockchain technology from theory to every day practice. Bill’s experience as a President and CEO of Atlanta Life and having run a multi-line insurance agency is going to prove invaluable!”

CertifiedTrue in the last year has built a stellar Tech and Business Team while developing a working and scalable TestNet geared toward solving actual enterprise problems.

We continue to be bullish on using our Blockchain – to augment existing Insurance-solutions. Blockchain done right presents an opportunity to secure and maintain an immutable record and reliable audit trail. Insurers will be able to migrate aspects of recording functions onto the Blockchain to improve reliability, eliminate redundancies, human error, fraud and improve integrity.

That is why William Clement signing on with CertifiedTrue as a key advisor is so epic!  Having the former President and CEO of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company and the founder of a multi-line insurance agency onboard will provide us with invaluable insights into the enterprise needs the Insurance industry.

William Clement “I am excited to be part of the beginnings of a technological paradigm for the insurance industry. The industry has recently begun the process to develop industry standards and use cases. Once standards are established, blockchain technology will bring about significant cost savings and operating efficiencies for insurance companies. Certified True has an innovative approach to bringing blockchain technology to the insurance industry.”

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