LegacyShield® Launches MyTax, An Integrated Solution for Simplified, Professionally Prepared, Tax Returns

JACKSONVILLE, FL – 02-19-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Jacksonville, Florida, Feb 19 – LegacyShield®  Solutions, Inc., a leader in providing a client-centric engagement solution to the insurance and financial services industry, enabling companies and advisors to build and protect their clients’ legacies through a digital growth platform, announces a new solution to help their enterprise’s consumers prepare their tax returns in a highly secure ecosystem, prepared by tax specialists.

LegacyShield® gives advisors the ability to better protect and engage their consumers while providing additional related services through an optional marketplace to help their consumers. MyTax is one such offering found in the marketplace. Additionally, advisors are able to send documents and information to their clients using LegacyShield’s highly secure, military-grade vault. Further, enterprises such as insurance companies are able to send policies directly into the same vault upon policy issue.
MyTax utilizes this vault to allow the consumer to send documents to a network of CPAs and tax specialists while allowing that network to send completed returns using the same method, allowing the consumers to receive and indefinitely store their returns in their personal vault. “We live in a world where universal security and privacy standards are nonexistent, and most people communicate and receive documents with their tax preparers in a dangerously unsecure fashion,” said LegacyShield’s founder and CEO, Michael Babikian.  “Aside from MyTax being an easy-to-use solution, we developed everything around privacy and security.”
MyTax offers an affordable and simple solution at a flat rate.  “We believe the biggest differentiators between MyTax and other competitive services include the ability for consumers to work with a CPA at affordable rates and have indefinite storage of those returns,” said Dan Pierson, LegacyShield’s founder and CMO. “Plus, if desired, consumers can invite their CPAs to join our network, allowing them to maintain an existing relationship while reaping all the benefits of LegacyShield’s entire secure platform.”
About LegacyShield®
LegacyShield® is a state-of-the-art, integrated, consumer-centric platform empowering financial service companies and advisors to grow their businesses, engage their consumers and protect legacies. LegacyShield® is an experience that puts customers at the center by letting them choose how and when to connect with an aligned team of product manufacturers, distributors and agents.
LegacyShield® helps customers organize their financial lives and tap into a digital network of offerings that help them prepare for the future while protecting their data through military-grade security. For more information, visit legacyshield.com

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