Nori Health starts patient trial with its chronic illness chatbot

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – 02-19-2019 ( — This week a group of over 150 patients suffering from chronic illness entered a 6-week program with a chatbot to help them feel better. Patients have regular chat sessions with Nori to discover lifestyle patterns that impact disease symptoms. A promising example of digital therapeutics in action.

“This virtual trial is focused on inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis”, founder and CEO Roeland Pater comments. “It also includes people living with irritable bowel syndrome, which millions of people are dealing with everyday. The first recorded outcomes are very promising.”

Nori acts on a personal level, which means every patient has unique conversations tailored to his or her profile. Relevant lifestyle patterns are mapped while recommended changes are provided and monitored to ensure progress. 

A.I. and sensitive data

Artificial intelligence technology is used to make Nori smarter after each conversation so that the whole community of users benefits. While all sensitive data is anonymized directly to ensure privacy for patients in compliance with HIPAA standards.

The targeted outcome is optimized quality of life. To make sure that anyone living with chronic illness can have a healthy social life with positive relationships — which illustrates the mission of Nori Health.

Solution for lack of support

Pater, who suffers with Crohn’s Disease himself, co-founded the startup to make an impact in an under-supported community: “We found out that a large majority of chronic disease patients experiences a lack of support next to medical treatment.”

“The impact of lifestyle choices seems overlooked, and we are providing a direct solution for that. I want to help myself and the millions of other living with chronic illness everyday.”

Nori Health partners with medical organizations globally to provide the chatbot to patients.

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