Amie Dean, Educator & Behavior Expert, Releases Your Happy Heart

ATLANTA, GA – 02-20-2019 ( — Dean’s first book aims to help children with behavior challenges recognize their gifts.

Today, Amie Dean announced the release of her first children’s book, Your Happy Heart. This book, published by the National Center for Youth Issues, is about a boy who has experienced challenges in his young life but learns that offering kindness to others can truly change lives and heal hearts.

As a classroom teacher for more than 16 years, Dean worked almost exclusively teaching children with emotional behavior disorders. An overwhelming majority of her students were young men who exhibited aggression, anger, and depression stemming from life circumstances beyond their control. 

According to Dean, it is essential that we change the internal dialogue these children are repeating to themselves. “All children need to be taught that they have unique gifts they can be proud of and that make them special,” says Dean. “They need to know how to cope when the world feels like a big, scary place, and they need to be reminded of the things that make them happy so that, when they are sad, they can remember those things.” 

Your Happy Heart tells the story of fifth-grader Javon who has the big responsibility of being a book buddy to a kindergartner named Richard. But, when he meets Richard for the first time, he isn’t so sure he’s up for the challenge. Richard won’t talk to Javon or even look at him. He seems sad, but Javon quickly realizes that Richard reminds him a whole lot of himself at that age, and Javon is determined to help his new friend.

Author Dean uses the story of Javon and Richard to highlight strategies that every child and educator can use to move beyond tough situations and emotions to find happiness. “With these tools in their tool belts, children can grow in self-confidence and learn to thrive in their world,” says Dean.

Your Happy Heart is available for purchase today wherever books are sold. 

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About Amie Dean: Amie Dean has a passion for the problem students of the world. The students who are disrespectful, defiant, broken, and shut down have been a part of her every day for almost 25 years. As a former special education teacher, Amie spent many years teaching in classrooms with the most challenging students on campus and found a way to reach each and every one. She believes most teachers truly want to help these students – want to believe in them – but are not trained on HOW to do it. This has become Amie’s new personal mission – to help teachers implement positive, practical strategies in their classrooms to save our most challenging students – and themselves. Book Amie for your school, your district, or your conference by visiting

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