CompactCath Continues to Expand Product Portfolio With New Discreet And More Hygenic Intermittent Catheters

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – 02-20-2019 ( — CompactCath Continues to Expand Product Portfolio With New Discreet And More Hygienic Intermittent Catheters

Products welcome added relief for everyday self-catheterizing users

CompactCath (, a medical device company committed to improving the quality of life for people with bladder conditions, has today announced the expansion of its award-winning intermittent urinary catheter product line with the addition of CompactCath® LITE. This follows the recent successful launch of CompactCath® Coudé, and OneCath® last fall. The new CE and FDA approved devices are available from various distributors, wholesalers, and directly at

  “CompactCath® LITE is the newest in our compact catheters product line. We offer the only full-length catheter that truly fits in the palm of the hand, or the pocket, giving our customers maximum freedom and peace-of-mind,” said Naama Stauber Breckler, CEO of CompactCath. “CompactCath® LITE offers the perfect combination of sterility and ease of use. The pre-lubricated catheter is fully covered with a protective sleeve, reducing bacterial contamination by allowing 100% non-touch insertion. We are so excited to offer a product that isn’t only compact and discreet but is also extremely easy to use, fitting individuals with different levels of hand dexterity.”

CompactCath® LITE was introduced to offer a compact and hygienic intermittent catheter for individuals with different levels of dexterity. CompactCath® LITE is fully enclosed in a protective sleeve, reducing bacterial contamination by allowing a more sterile 100% touch-free insertion. The insertion technique is straightforward and easy. CompactCath® LITE is a welcome addition to the company’s innovative product line, increasing the reach for those who seek the most compact, discreet, and easy-to-use catheter.  As with all of its products, CompactCath is committed to eliminating the use of known carcinogens in the medical marketplace, and its products are 100% DEHP, BPA, and Rubber Latex free.

“We’ve received a tremendously positive response from the first CompactCath® LITE users” said Dr. Daniel Hong, CompactCath’s Chief Medical Officer. “We have patients telling us this is the most comfortable catheter they’ve ever used. Our mission has always been to improve the quality of life of our patients and we continue to innovate on our designs based on clinical and customer feedback. Our use of silicone oil to lubricate our catheters, for example, was the first of its kind in the industry. We chose silicone oil for its known antimicrobial properties and because, unlike other lubricants, it doesn’t congeal or leave a sticky residue. The goal of developing CompactCath LITE was to answer the needs of patients with different levels of dexterity, while also offering a 100% compact touch-free catheter.”

The CompactCath line now has products to fit all lifestyles and budgets, and features the following:

  • CompactCath®, ready to use, touch-free compact pocket-sized catheter
  • CompactCath® LITE, ready to use, 100% touch-free compact pocket-sized catheter, easy to use with different levels of dexterity
  • OneCath®, top quality catheter at an affordable price point
  • All of which feature the following:
  • 100% smooth, fire-polished eyelets
  • DEHP, BPA, and Rubber Latex Free
  • User- friendly design
  • Straight and Coudé tips in a variety of sizes for men and women
  • Available through distributors, wholesalers, and pharmacies nationwide
  • Reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurances

Along with its product expansion, CompactCath is also focused on expanding its marketing and brand awareness campaign to reach catheter users and clinicians. The company recently aired its first dedicated TV spot, achieving national exposure and an increased customer base. CompactCath continues to innovate and expand its efforts in 2019, to further its dedicated mission to provide the best catheters in the industry. 

About CompactCath  

CompactCath is committed to improving the quality of life for those who suffer from bladder conditions and need to self-catheterize. CompactCath is composed of a multidisciplinary team of physicians, engineers, and catheter users who share a passion for healthcare, design, and comfort. Established in 2012 at Stanford University, CompactCath is driven by the goal to design medical devices that enable those with chronic conditions to lead active, thriving, independent lives.

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