New Product from Watson’s StreetWorks – C4 Relay

NASHUA, NH – 02-20-2019 ( — Watson’s StreetWorks exclusive: C4 Relay Pack

Watson’s StreetWorks Exclusive

The compact size of this new relay pack from Watson StreetWorks lets you clean up your wiring at a price that makes sense. 4 on board 20 amp double throw relays are each fed separately from your fuse panel or the ground side of a circuit. The double throw action means you can power 2 different circuits independently if needed. The relays are grouped into two pairs of two giving you even greater flexibility. Each relay can be triggered by a hot or ground input. No need to run heavy gauge, high amp wires (that’s what your fuse panel is for.) Instructions included show basic wiring and several common relay combo circuits.Designed and built in the USA.


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