DENVER, CO – 02-21-2019 ( — Kevin Teman, through his own personal struggles with finding a partner created the world’s first talking artificially intelligent matchmaker, which operates entirely by speaking with you (through an AI voice).

Paired with its recent world news break (AFP), AIMM announces its national expansion, starting in California.

Kevin Teman’s approach at combining human matchmaking techniques with talking artificial intelligence has already begun changing the dating world and was hand picked by Robert Downey Jr’s team and featured in Robert’s new docu- series airing on YouTube Red in Summer 2019 (Age of AI).

The series, considered to be YouTube Red’s flagship product, calls Kevin “a leader in AI”.

“Most of us have suffered through dating apps and sites for many years Kevin Teman says, “maybe our entire single lives. Although many of us, if we’re smart, have withdrawn from dating apps entirely.”

Teman says even the best dating apps have become disrespectful, ineffective and childish. “Wading through fake profiles, dealing with less-than-stellar company morals, profit schemes, using apps that feel like they were made for kids,” Teman says, “one is left feeling utterly disrespected by the process and the companies themselves”.

“I have a strong dislike for the dating industry,” Kevin says, “Its standards are incredibly low, very little has been done to help the problems. Mostly each new app chimes in for another piece of your money. It absolutely needs to change.”

“Self-respecting adults,” Kevin says, “long for solutions that are effective and feel grown up, straight-forward. Flirts, winks, roses and virtual gifts and other junk” Teman says “detract from real human connections and push us into a fake online world. This is not how online dating should have ever been.”

In Kevin’s life struggle through dating apps and other services to meet his own life partner he eventually turned to a human matchmaking — that’s right, a real human person. Having learned of matchmaking through discussions with friends in dating companies, Kevin’s engagement in human matchmaking opened his eyes to a new world. “This world of effective matchmaking techniques, hand-holding, building people up to each other, getting them excited about each other,” Kevin said, “felt day-and- night compared to dating apps. How could two industries have such drastically different approaches to the same goal?” Something felt awry. Matchmaking services give these deep, wonderful introductions, facilitated the start of your relationship, held your hand, and were respectful, while dating apps seem to drop you in a complicated situation and leave you to your own devices.

But matchmaking services cost enormous amounts of money in the 10s of thousands to experience yourself. This is where AIMM comes in, AIMM facilitates the start of a relationship for you using the same effective matchmaking techniques for very low cost – essentially the distributed cost of maintaining the AI.

AIMM has amassed 1,000 users in Denver, Colorado through its grass-roots advertising primarily through radio and local events in Denver. But that hasn’t stopped national press from recognizing AIMM. With its recent world-news break through Associated France Press, L’ Express and endorsements from Robert’s documentary, AIMM is announcing its national expansion, starting in California.

“AIMM started as a ‘grass-roots’ effort primarily headed by myself,” says Kevin, “and largely so that I could find someone for myself.” With some big names recently providing their support, AIMM’s team is expanding, AIMM foresees a speeding up of growth over the next year as it expands first to California and other states.

“Human matchmaking opened the door to a new world for me. I want to give that back to everyone through AIMM so they can experience the same effective techniques I did,” says Teman.

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