Changing the Script for Social Media Marketing in China

HONG KONG – 02-21-2019 ( — The Hong Kong Social Media marketing Agency, Dragon Social, launches marketing services on a range of new social media platforms in China. With China ranked as the second most attractive market by multinational corporations after the US, the agency aims to help international businesses dive deeper into the Chinese social media landscape and improve ROI on marketing spend. 

 Dragon Social has launched new services on a range of up-and coming social media platforms in China with the express purpose of helping businesses better target their communications and advertising.  Chinese social media has become even more fragmented than before as more and more platforms skyrocket to popularity. This makes it difficult for companies to properly locate their target audience.  “With the rise of platforms like Tik Tok (??), XiaoHongShu (???), and Zhihu (??), social media in China isn’t just about WeChat & Weibo anymore.” says Raymond Lam, one of the cofounders of Dragon Social.  Dragon Social has added 10 new platforms to its list of core services including XiaoHongShu, Zhihu, Tik Tok, Douyu, and Xueqiu. These new platforms will allow the agency to target users with interests in a variety of different niches such as finance, cosmetics, and video games.  However, with new platforms comes new challenges, as these platforms are relatively new Dragon Social engages experts from the field to cope with these challenges. “Marketing on Zhihu is unlike any other platform, content needs to be detailed, helpful, and painstakingly crafted to appeal to the platform’s highly intelligent audience” says Ken Kong, a former influencer on Zhihu, and a new member of the Dragon Social team.  With these platforms each having in the hundreds of millions of users it looks like Dragon Social is headed in the right direction to best serve its clients and help them get the most from their marketing dollars. Dragon Social was founded with the goal of helping foreign companies establish a bigger presence in the Chinese market. Since 2016 Dragon Social has helped foreign companies to familiarize themselves with the Chinese market and accomplish goals that even Chinese companies would struggle with. As a boutique agency Dragon Social remains agile to cope with the ever-changing social media landscape in China.

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