London Fashion Event to Set 3 Guinness World Records in a single day

LONDON – 02-21-2019 ( — With the start of 2019 promising long-awaited solutions to some of fashion’s biggest ethical issues, clothes manufacturing is already becoming more environmentally friendly, and animal fur has taken a retreat from store shelves. A shockingly courageous, new, full-frontal approach will follow the spirit of this ethical overhaul with an attempt to make the fashion industry a better and safer place for upcoming models and creatives. 


The  World Modelling Convention, with its bold and business-like name, claims to be on the right track towards creating an affordable, risk-free and productive work environment in which fashion enthusiasts and Instagram models can gain a head start and improve their portfolios. Apparently, setting three Guinness World Records in one weekend for  “Most photoshoots in a day”, “Most makeups applied in 12 hours” and “Most hairstyles made in 12 hours” is the event’s way of showing that it means business.


In a weekend-long “fashion boot-camp”, attendees will be able to pick from a whole array of opportunities. Activities from educational programmes to networking and model castings will all be arranged with the help of a custom app that will make it easy for each participant to create a personal schedule. The main strength of the event, however, will be the 120 themed decor studios allowing for up to 40 photoshoots per person over the course of the two-day convention. Those studios, combined with the sheer size of the project, sparked the idea that the WMC might as well set the Guinness World Records. 


Setting a world record for “Most photo shoots in 12 hours” is at the top of the list for the Convention, so it should come as no surprise that the venue is prepared for about 2,500 photoshoots in a single day. But helping to set a world record is only one reason for creatives to take part in those photo shoots; they will also get the chance to collaborate and showcase their talent through hundreds of photos that will provide many months’ worth of social media content and a portfolio expansion for future opportunities. The full-blown concept, the photoshoots and the final fashion show will require the teamwork of models, photographers, designers, hairstylists and makeup artists. Beauty experts will also have plenty of opportunities to judge by the second and third world records being attempted, with an expected 1,200-1,500 makeups, and around as many hairstyles. 


Despite the WMC’s attempt to set three records in a single day, event founder Christo Panoff shares that his main goal has always been to help upcoming creatives in the fashion world to get the start they deserve, and to create a safe environment in which they can do this: “Breaking a Guinness World Record is an interesting way of making the event more exclusive and more fun. The idea came to me after realising the amount of interest and support our event has received, but our only goal is to make WMC an even more special experience for everyone.”  


The  World Modelling Convention has been gaining traction over the past few months, with new people joining the cause every day. The event booked for 15 and 16 June at the Business Design Center in London is only the first step for a new social movement, attempting to give the biggest names of fashion’s next generation a previously impossible head start. 

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