Runaway Hit Reality TV Show Garners 6.9 Million Views And Counting

NEW YORK, NY – 01-22-2019 ( — Being an entrepreneur isn’t just a business trend. It is a business revolution. Yet the majority of entrepreneurs won’t even make $55k this year.

 Apple Tv’s Brandpreneur™ Network’s show Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® ( ) is changing all that. With Season 2 barely 10 episodes in, this season’s cast of entrepreneurs from international schools, corporate services, university professors, C-Suite business coaches and support to creative life coaches has captured the hearts and minds of over 6.9 million viewers and counting. Lead by host and brand mentor, Ali Craig ( who is traveling across the country to fix the hearts, minds, and bottom lines of these fledgling businesses. Supported by her team of fellow experts: Sandy Hapoienu ( ), Jenni P (, and Stacey Lanoix ( Season 2 is just getting started. Back from holiday hiatus, Ali Craig is going live with the brands as well as introducing the viewers to a few more experts who have helped these businesses go from fledgling to fierce competition. Picking up where we left off and showing the true growth, evolution, and reality of what it is to be an American entrepreneur in 2019. “We traveled across the country in 2018 to meet, fix, and transform these fledgling brands,” says Craig, “it is only fitting that we continue their stories and share the truth of what being an entrepreneur really is like.” 
Don’t miss a minute of the action. Catch the 24 hours exclusive Facebook airing every Tuesday at 2:30 pm est and then going live on the Brandpreneur™ Network ( ) available on Apple Tv, Amazon Fire, Roku, and Android TV.

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