Why Intellectual Property Is No Joke For The Modern Entrepreneur

HOBOKEN, NJ – 02-19-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — In today’s age of the creative entrepreneur, it can easily feel like the Wild West when it comes to intellectual property in today’s creative entrepreneurial marketplace. Yet playing wild and dirty is never a smart move when it comes to your business or legal future.

 Apple Tv’s Brandpreneur™ Network’s show Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® deep dives into the truths about trademark law and the modern entrepreneur. From use infringement to first to file, common, state, and federal-  host and 20-year luxury Neuro Human Branding veteran, Ali Craig is joined by trademark and entrepreneurial lawyer, Jamie Liberman of Hashtag Legal (https://www.hashtag-legal.com/) as they discuss the 5 most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to trademark law. “The brands in Season 2 were no exception when it comes to trademark issues,” says Craig “we want to share with the audience what the truth is when it came to trademark law and what they need to know as well as do to protect themselves.”
Don’t miss a minute of the action. Catch the 24 hours exclusive Facebook airing every Tuesday at 2:30 pm est and then going live on the Brandpreneur™ Network (http://brandpreneur.tv ) available on Apple Tv, Amazon Fire, Roku, and Android TV.

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