New CrunchyTop™ Lid Turns Any Pot Into an Air Fryer – Takes Up No Counter Space

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Invention City seeks raise $150,000 on Kickstarter to bring crunchy happiness, fast, clean cooking and clutter free counters to consumers.

Today the CrunchyTop™ air fryer lid launches on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Starting at $28 for Early Birds, CrunchyTop™ turns a common pot or pan into a stove-top air fryer; it stores in a kitchen cabinet and takes up no counter space. Learn more at https://www.CrunchyTop.comCrunchyTop™ converts a pan on a stove top into a convection oven that cooks fast and makes a crunchy crust. It’s intended for low fat, air frying and baking of frozen foods, vegetables, meat, fish and also making small batches of cookies and muffins. Using CrunchyTop™ is simple: place food onto a rack in a pan; cover the pan with CrunchyTop™; turn on the turbo fan and set the stove to medium. There’s no need to preheat. Cooking starts immediately and usually takes about half the time required for preheating and baking with a conventional oven.Mike Marks, Founder of Invention City, explains: “Air frying has surged in popularity because consumers want a fast, healthy and easy way to cook simple foods like personal pizza, chicken fingers and vegetables. We designed CrunchyTop™ to be as simple as possible, without electronics or even requiring counter space. CrunchyTop™ stores in a cabinet and reduces kitchen clutter. But best of all is the crunch. When we tested prototypes we discovered that reheated pizza actually tastes better than fresh. The crunch is real.”CrunchyTop™ provides the benefits of air frying without adding another appliance to crowd a countertop. CrunchyTop™ stores easily with pots and pans. The turbo fan removes easily and can be stored in a kitchen drawer. A standard handle is also provided so that you can use the universal lid without the turbo fan.The invention works with any cooking surface, including electric, gas, induction and camping stoves, and with most pots and pans. With the stove-top burner set to medium (using at higher temperatures is not recommended), the turbo fan sweeps and swirls heat from the bottom upwards and around the food being cooked. Users can see cooking progress through the glass lid.“We were excited when inventor Bill Stumphauzer brought the idea for CrunchyTop™ to Invention City,” says Marks; “It seemed like an entirely new way to cook. Now we need help from Kickstarter backers to confirm that others see the same potential and to help us make it a reality.”Specs:Dimensions:  12″ (30 cm) diameter, 5″ high with fan assembly, 2″ without fan or handle.Power: Three (3) AA batteries – alkaline are included with kit. Rechargeable AA’s are available. A single set of batteries runs for approximately 30 hours – this could be as much as 2 years or as little as two months of regular use.Cooktops: Works with electric, gas and induction stove-tops and also works with camping stoves.Materials: Tempered glass and silicone lid, high temperature plastic handle, stainless steel safety fan blade.Dishwasher Safe: The turbo fan is easily removed and the universal lid and fan blade can be cleaned in a dishwasher. You can back CrunchyTop™ starting at $28 for the Early Bird backers. Visit for more information. About Invention CityInvention City commercializes inventions and helps independent inventors and companies confirm, develop, protect, license, manufacture and market new product ideas. The company is rated A+ by BBB. Learn more at    Contact:Mike Marks, 255-5227

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