Stackery Announces New Cloud-Side Development Capabilities For Amazon Web Services Developers

Portland, Oregon – 02-26-2019 ( — New pricing, a free developer tier, and accelerated composition of Amazon Aurora Serverless Database and Amazon Cognito Authentication services.  

Stackery, Inc., the serverless acceleration software company, has unveiled new capabilities and pricing options to help software developers build applications composed of Amazon serverless cloud services including Amazon Aurora Serverless and Amazon Cognito. To help iterate and manage those applications in the cloud, the company announced new features to enable developers and software teams to govern and manage dev, test, staging, and production environments across multiple AWS accounts. In order to broaden the reach of these new features of Stackery, the company introduced a free tier designed for developers and a consumption-based pricing model.  

Amazon Aurora is Stackery’s 20th AWS resource option for composing applications. Additionally:

  • Amazon Aurora Serverless cluster settings, access information, and more can be configured without handwritten CloudFormation infrastructure-as-code.
  • Amazon Cognito User Pools can now be configured to easily add user management, sign-up, and authentication flows for serverless applications.
  • A new “Anything Resource” can visually compose any CloudFormation service.
  • New error indicators in the raw YAML editor show engineers and architects where problems are located in handwritten infrastructure-as-code templates.
  • Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud and Self-Hosted code repository support is now live.


Improved dev, test, staging, and production environment management capabilities in AWS include:

  • An updated CLI for deployment management and integration with CI/CD tools now supports teams using the mono-repo pattern.
  • A new activity feed includes deployment activity, environment inventory, and cross-team activity tracking.


New consumption options include:

  • A free usage tier for developers learning to build serverless applications.
  • A consumption model to match investment with serverless adoption.


By moving the foundation of software development from servers to an ever-growing menu of Amazon services, developers are abandoning localhost in favor of iterating application code and services with live versions of managed cloud services. Despite this foundational change, the impact of serverless on existing tools is minimal. IDEs, code repositories, and CI/CD systems remain the same.


“We are excited to give developers a new development path. Public clouds continue to innovate serverless offerings and enable new use cases while efforts to enable developers to maintain their traditional server-centric workflows have failed to keep pace,” said Nate Taggart, Stackery co-founder, and CEO. “When an application stack is composed of Lambdas and managed cloud services, developing, testing, and managing those stacks has to occur cloud-side.”


More about cloud-side development and the changes in software development workflows more details are in this post.


Stackery invites developers and engineering managers to attend our weekly class on Wednesdays at 10 am PST.


Developers can sign up for a free account at


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Stackery was founded by former New Relic and Github leaders to enable software developers and operations teams to quickly and confidently compose, deploy, and manage applications built on managed cloud services. The company was named a “2019 Company To Watch” by SDTimes, is an Amazon Advanced Technology Partner, and is backed by Hummer Winblad Ventures and Voyager Capital. Learn more at or on Twitter at @stackeryio

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