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Sun City, California – 03-03-2019 ( — Ninety percent of online consumers say that negative reviews greatly impact their buying decisions. This comes as no surprise to online businesses whose very survival depends upon a great reputation through positive feedback and reviews. While, in the past, online handmade and crafts businesses have been at the mercy of the reviews that have been left – even the unwarranted, unfair, and even untrue ones – Craftdore has stepped in so online handmade product owners are no longer powerless. “Your products are great. You got a sale. You shipped it and you anxiously wait for a 5-star review. But you get a bad review! Nobody likes it when their business gets a bad review, but your product isn’t right for everyone, as a seller you will get a bad review even if you have the best product in the world!” explained a representative of Craftdore. “Craftdore is, in short, in the business of helping handmade product sellers make sure their reviews are powerful and positive so they shine as they should.” Craftdore is an online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade, fine art, and craft supplies based in California, that has opened its virtual doors to help handmade and crafts businesses succeed and buyers find excellent products. Through their innovative approach, they assist small handmade businesses in achieving the leverage that is required in the sensitive, and sometimes turbulent, world of brand building through reputation and their marketing as well. Their mission is to maximize a return on each and every investment made. A number of scenarios can instigate negative reviews. The product may not be exactly what the customer was hoping for, although they may not read the product description carefully. Or, the buyer might just be having a bad day. A package may even arrive damaged without any fault or control from the seller, but the review is still a negative one. Regardless of the reason behind the bad product feedback (which is anything short of a four or five star review), can be devastating to the seller. In fact, we’ve seen businesses change their name or even close down because of negative reviews. That’s where Craftdore steps in to take advantage of bad reviews, save the day, and the handmade sellers in many cases. Ignoring the negative reviews and simply taking the punch can be a monumental mistake. Proaction is always the best recourse. Craftdore can be found at ; for a behind-the-scenes look, be sure to check it out at

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