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Canadian fin-tech disruptor, Konnect Mobile Communications Inc. (“Konnect” or the “Company”), announces entering into a distribution, marketing and implementation agreement (the “Agreement”) with a convenience store marketing agency (the “Agency”), based in the United States with access to over 90,000 brick-and-mortar retail stores.

The Agency reaches up to 90,000 brick-and-mortar merchant retailers who collectively experience more than 63 Million visits per day and process an estimated $270 Billion USD in annual sales.The Agreement contemplates the roll out of the PaySocial App (“PaySocial” or the APP) through these merchant stores with an initial phase-1 90-day Pilot that is scheduled to launch in the near term and will cover approximately 1,000 store locations in the United States. 

The 90-day pilot will allow for data collection and analysis in preparation for the next phase. The plan for phase-2 will be to roll out an additional 34,000 stores for a total of 35,000 on-boarded stores in year 1. Depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, user adoption, spending per user and license availability, the Company may choose to continue deployment of PaySocial through the remaining network of stores over the following 24 months. Konnect is currently in active negotiations to acquire or partner with existing money service business(MSB) license holders or operating entities in the United States.

“We are excited to launch PaySocial into the ripe US market as the technology has arrived, where we can offer free money transfers, remittances, and bill payments in exchange for watching a short video advertisement” said Mr. Bill Coyle, founder and CEO of Konnect. Mr. Coyle continued on saying that “mobile money transfers and payments are not trends, but instead, a game changing 100 Trillion-dollar market.”

Mr. Richard Groome, Executive Chairman of Konnect said that “the convenience store market is the absolute perfect vehicle to roll-out and on-board our target users, which account for approximately 215 Million potential users in the US alone.The merchant stores have great incentive to implement the PaySocial APP to the 63 million daily visitors their collective locations receive. Mr. Groome went on to say “our technology enables merchants to bring their transaction and processing costs to zero while offering them the ability to access PaySocial users for special promotions and social media advertising campaigns. Through geo targeting and artificial intelligence (“AI”), large retailers and manufacturers can increase their in-store traffic to turn over perishable, seasonal, and overstocked inventory.”


About Konnect

Konnect is a Canadian fin-tech that aims to disrupt the money transfer and payments space with its APP, PaySocial. The APP is targeted to the unbanked & underbanked, migrant workers, millennial’s, generation Z and SME’s. PaySocial is a mobile eWallet that allows users to load and withdraw their account, make payments and money transfers. The APP will give users the option to send money and perform other transactions completely FREE in exchange for watching a short video advertisement. Users will also be presented with digital discounted gift cards targeted based on their purchasing power and AI monitored consumer behavior. Additionally, PaySocial will target unbanked and underbanked users, who deal primarily in cash, through the use of participating merchant retail locations that act as cash loading zones. Konnect (PaySocial) will be a fully reporting, KYC and AML compliant platform, following all laws and regulations. For more information, visit www.paysocialapp.com


Bill Coyle

Founder and CEO – Konnect Mobile Communications Inc.


Richard Groome

Executive Chairman – Konnect Mobile Communications Inc.


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Statements made are as of the date hereof; delivery of this document does not at any time create an implication that the information contained herein is accurate as of any date subsequent to today’s date. Konnect has not undertaken any independent verification of industry data, trends, or third-party information used herein.

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PaySocial has not yet launched and is finalizing its approach to regulatory matters; operation of the platform is subject to regulatory approval.

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Konnect Mobile Communications Inc. for immediate distribution in Canada.

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