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LAS VEGAS, NV – 03-05-2019 ( — Having an effective and efficient sales process is essential for growth especially if you are a small business owner.  Nicholas Uchyn, a local licensee of SalesQB, is now making it easier for Las Vegas area small businesses to create a proven and repeatable sales process and achieve greater sales success. 

“I am proud to be offering our local small businesses a chance to compete with larger companies in having an effective sales system that gets high-level sales results,” said Nicholas Uchyn, certified Sales QB Fractional Sales Manager. 

What is Fractional Sales Management and Why You Need it? Small businesses have a problem that is not their fault – sales diseconomies of scale. That’s a complicated way of saying that the cost of quality sales management per salesperson exceeds the profit gained by it. An excellent sales manager can add tremendous value, but if they cost $250K managing only three salespeople, $83K is too much per salesperson. If you could lower the cost of management per salesperson, you could gain the benefits for a fraction of the cost.  That’s what we do at SalesQB; help businesses bridge the gap between an unmanaged sales function and an over-priced one. We do it by fractionalizing the sales management position like a part-time CFO. Companies get the benefit of a high-caliber sales manager but share them with other businesses in the area. The Sales Best Practices Audit (SBPA) is an important first step that will determine the state of a company’s sales organization by evaluating the what, why and how things are done within their current sales and marketing system. This tool benchmarks a company against thousands of other selling organizations and helps them find their best opportunities. Through the month of March, we are offering area small business owners 50% off the cost of a Sales Best Practices Audit, normally a $1,000 value for only $500.About SalesQB:SalesQB was founded in 2002 by recognized business leader Jim Muehlhausen. His business achievements have been recognized by Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School and Inc. Magazine. SalesQB bridges the gap between an unmanaged sales function and an overpriced one. Businesses get the benefit of a high caliber sales manager by sharing their Fractional Sales Manager with other businesses in the same area to keep costs lower.About Nicholas Uchyn: Nicholas Uchyn has completed all the SalesQB training requirements and has successfully received his SalesQB credentials as a certified Fractional Sales Manager. To receive this certification from SalesQB, candidates must meet stringent educational and practical experience criteria. Nicholas is now part of an elite group of U.S. sales and marketing practitioners who have achieved the distinction of becoming a SalesQB.For your discounted sales audit or for more information and to interview Nicholas, please contact:  Nicholas UchynSalesQB Fractional Sales ManagerPO Box 751029Las Vegas, NV 89136Ph: 702/756-4544Fax: 702/202-0548email:  [email protected] 

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