Raleigh, NC – 03-08-2019 ( — The newly launched Consolidated Manufacturing International website has some exciting new features that make it easier for users to purchase supplies, calculate solar panel requirements, and get immediate answers to their most pressing questions.

 Consolidated Manufacturing International (CMI) is well known for its convenient one-stop shopping experience for electrical products for pool and spa distributors. The new website offers recently revealed design and navigation features that enhance its usability.  There is now a Product Catalog section, which streamlines the ordering of supplies for online customers. This add-on makes it much easier for a customer to find what they need quickly and efficiently. The catalog provides part numbers, descriptions, as well as visual representations to ensure that the part a customer is going to order is the exact one that they need.  The new Forum feature CMI is introducing has categorized sections, which the customer can go to and find support for any of their questions. If the user has questions about solar pool heating, stray voltage, or pool construction, they can find the most appropriate answers in the forum area of the website. The forum section allows CMI to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions so that a customer can get their project done without any setbacks or delays.  The Solar Panel Calculator helps a site user figure out how many solar panels they will need to heat their pool. The calculator takes information regarding the location and size of the pool to determine how many solar panels will be needed. This feature helps the customer keep their project cost-effective by ensuring they don’t over-order on heating and installation supplies. Consolidated Manufacturing International strives to provide builders with unique and innovative solutions to their problems. That is why adding new features to enhance service is so important to CMI. These new website features help streamline the processing and fulfillment procedure for customers.  If you want user-friendly and cost-effective service for your pool and spa needs, you have to try the new CMI website. Visit the Consolidated Manufacturing International website for more information on Equipotential Bonding and Solar Pool Heating. You can find more information about Consolidated Manufacturing International’s history, products, and services at, or you can direct your questions to [email protected]

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