DizzyPay: Introducing A Safer Way To Pay Which Supports Mobile and Online Transactions

USA – 03-11-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — DizziPay is your perfect answer to the question – how to prevent credit card frauds. It has come up with a unique technology that helps you to make secured digital payment. It is there to make sure that customers should be able to make easy payments and that too without worrying about risk and fraud management.  Well, DizziPay is there to make sure that there is no hindrance in the path of making it a cashless economy as customers should be able to make digital payments without worrying about any identity thefts.

When you pay with DizziPay, you can rest assured that your details are protected from the hackers.  In the era when the world is moving towards a cashless economy, you need a safer way to pay to build trust among people. Whether you’re a bank looking for a safe and secure payment method for your customers or an individual worried about your finances, DizziPay offers the top identity theft protection. By introducing a safer way to pay which supports mobile and online transactions, DizziPay has made sure that both customers and merchants can make easy transaction without worrying about the fraudsters.“DizziPay has developed a unique, totally secure digital payments technology for consumers, Banks, issuers, sub-issuers which supports mobile and online transactions and it is also compatible with all existing merchant systems, without any changes necessary on the merchant side and/or the acquirer,” said one of the members of the DizziPay during an interview. “It protects you against all kinds of the fraudster activities and hackers on both mobile apps and web.  The best thing with Dizzi Pay is that one can make easy payments in stores, in apps and on the web,” he added. DizziPay helps to build a better future backed these amazing features: •    It makes sure that all your transactions are safer by eliminating the use of physical card for making payments.• Other than saving your hard earned money from the hands of hackers, it also helps you save a lot of time as its instantaneous payments save time on statistical transactional verification. •    Whether it is about mobile apps or making payments on the web, one can make easy and secure payments. •    One more thing that DizziPay contributes towards is the environment. Not only it helps to make transactions but goes one step further by putting an end to plastic cards by allowing cardless payments. To know more, visit DizziPay Holdings LTD

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