Henrietta Lacks, LLC and .Com Just Released their New Web site https://www.henriettalacks.com/ and Online Support Petition After 22 year Investigation, With Records, Documents and Papers Recovered Ref

BALTIMORE, MD – 03-09-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Steven Mann, the Texas man who built the site for Henrietta Lacks.com and LLC, placed an entire different view of the Henrietta Lacks case so real, like icing on a cake waiting to be baked for 68 years. Henrietta Lacks stolen cells, not gifted cells to any Doctor or hospital as too many have suggested, live on after 68 years without any compensation to the Lacks Family. Like Deborah Lacks, many other young Lacks Family members continue to this date bamboozled, pimped and courted by Johns Hopkins Hospital and other entities around the region as if nothing happened to their grandmother or great-grandmother. Johns Hopkins Hospital, NIH and so many others enjoy keeping the younger members of the Lacks Family dazed constantly, as though there is so much love. Hopefully, we stress that someone will reach the young Lack Family members, that all this is show and credits to Hopkins, and STOP letting these white professional people who killed your grand and great grandmother from using you and making you sound less educational when you speak, because Hopkins and the many others who know the truth, came to realize, you do not have a clue nor know all the facts surrounding Henrietta Lacks health, treatment, and her death.  

Is Henrietta Lacks a Murder Victim?  We Know the Answers        

The Baltimore Supreme GRAND Bishop Dr. Keenan Cofield, the Chief Principal Investigator also added the finishing pieces to Steven Mann’s web idea and creation that make this medical miracle turn to a case of criminal negligence homicide, based upon case evidence and documents. Dr. Cofield told me Dr. Phillips in a conference call, that he “The Supreme GRAND Bishop” was called by GOD as an agent to bring to justice and expose the Henrietta Lacks case to the world that led to the discovery, Henrietta Lacks was a murder victim.  

Dr. Cofield, a Black retired psych doctor, criminal justice specialist and expert in violence and death, refer to the doctors at Johns Hopkins who treated Henrietta Lacks and thousands of others, as “The White Coat Killers.”  Dr. Cofield, said recently, though he was and is Black, Dr. Cofield felt like U.S. Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, The White FBI, and Bob Woodard, All In One, whom Woodard always says, “follow the documents.” It is not clear, like Special Prosecutor Mueller, what documents, papers, records and other items Dr. Cofield has in his arsenal, but a recent inside excerpt from a conversation Dr. Cofield had with Baltimore City Prosecutors of the Homicide Unit,  confirmed a homicide, not death by cancer for Henrietta Lacks, with possible radiation poisoning. The State Prosecutor, asked Dr. Cofield was any of Henrietta Lacks doctors still living? Answer was NO! According to Dr. Oscar Phillips, “Dr. Cofield, also spoke with officials at the State Medical Examiners Offices and the Director of the MD Department of Vital Records regarding Henrietta Lacks case.” No one in the past 68 years has contacted these officials except Dr. Cofield. The Lacks Family, Lawrence Henrietta’s son or Ron the grandson whom Dr. Cofield is in constant contact with do not know what all Dr. Cofield has against Johns Hopkins Hospital. This is very interesting, because Dr. Cofield would not even share any part of his calls and conversations with these Maryland State officials. There are all sorts of problems with the Henrietta Lacks case, death, records and treatment even during her illegal autopsy. Whatever, Dr. Cofield has, many people around the world are nervous.
Dr. Cofield, told me Dr. Phillips, that “he was honored to do more than read, and when Whites created the internet, that created the case, because Whites talked to much in their books, movies and online writings that proved his point regarding Henrietta Lacks possible murder. “  

“The Supreme GRAND Bishops Final Report reads like a grand jury indictment against Johns Hopkins Hospital, and many so-called doctors, officials and others who by all legal terms are killers, and Johns Hopkins may be the world’s largest professional murder scene larger than 911 and most wars, combined, says Dr. Keenan Cofield.”  

The Henrietta Lacks investigation has opened the door to many other crimes or has further implicated Johns Hopkins in numerous legal problems associated with discovered evidence and materials while investigating Henrietta Lacks case.

The Office of the Supreme GRAND Bishop has created more than 1,000 case or investigative files on varying persons, subject matters, items, documents and other things associated with the Henrietta Lacks investigation, or stemming from it found during our discovery, some holding information dating back into the late 1870’s 
      We are still in inventory mode about all these years. When new information comes in, we leave the old and tend to the new documents or papers for filing. Like a war room, we are preparing for all sorts of litigation, and feel confident that many on our HIT list shall fold before we put them out for the public to eat at them.  

Court Subpoenas Issued for a vast treasure of Records from many entities 

Over 25 Court Subpoenas and Court Orders have been issued to many entities and officials for records, documents, papers, relating to or regarding Henrietta Lacks, The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment Project and others to just name a few, We are investigating, to now include as part of our investigation The Baltimore City Health Department in the 1940’s and 1970’s, plus Maryland Hospital Autopsy laws or regulations are in question and violations everywhere.

Black Women the Most Misused and Disrespected Human (Beings) on Earth 

Black Women of color like Henrietta Lacks for hundreds of years to date, continue being used as constant experiments for white doctors and research facilities, to giant pharmaceutical or drug companies like Johns Hopkins, exercising on the Black Woman, many without a medical state license, disrespecting Black Women to find causes and cures, with death as the Final diagnosis. Next time you read about hospitals like Johns Hopkins and others conducting drug and treatment trials for some gas, and happy meal dollars, look at the color of their skins going in these back door clinics and hopes of them coming out the front door alive. Black women are used most often in drug trials and other experimenting trials all over the world. Black America must be outraged and Black medical physicians and other health related professionals must WARN Black people of the many pit falls still occurring in modern times of 2019, not 1865, to us all.   

Hela Cell-Legal Defense Fund 

We need help to solve the medical murder of Henrietta Lacks, and get long awaited Justice for the victim Henrietta Lacks, her deceased husband David Lacks who said before he died, “ I believe the doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD killed my wife.” That fact or statement is true. Now help us prove it! Henrietta Lacks was murdered by doctors at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD almost 68 years ago, known now as “The White Coat Killers.”
The Hela Cell-Legal Defense Fund is to be used to bring JUSTICE to Henrietta Lacks first, and her family as a GOD sent Angel and medical miracle but murder victim used as a lab rat shot up with radium planted and sewed inside of Henrietta, that cooked her insides like being in the electric chair by doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital known as “The White Coat Killers.”

If you are interested in our cause and wish to give a donation of any amount, CLICK HERE http://gofundme.com/hela-cell-legal-defense-fund to proceed to the GoFundMe page link for the Hela Cell-Legal Defense Fund. Henrietta Lacks.com shall issue an official Press Release launching the Hela Cell-Legal Defense Fund GoFundMe page sometime after this PR. Henrietta Lacks LLC and .com ask that you share this link and campaign with family, friends and business associates.  

Lawrence Lacks Henrietta Lacks Oldest son and Ron Lacks the grandson along with  Dr. Cofield Never like Rebecca Skloot book nor the Trash of a Oprah HBO movie to hell   

It took Dr. Cofield over 20 years to get to this point, with well-guarded details of the Medical Murder of Henrietta Lacks at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. Don’t continue to believe the hype over the 2010 Cover-up book by Rebecca Skloot laced with many lies, false, inaccurate to incorrect references, statements and stretch out stories. Skloot’s book reminds me Dr. Cofield, of giant fake news and information source, twisted on OPRAH’S HBO One-Sided movie show. Oprah did not even give the Lacks Family a Baltimore crab cake or chicken wing boxes. The movie was more about the actor who played Skloot, then Henrietta Lacks or her family. Did anyone in this world ever believed or believe any white woman could write a factual, solid loving, but direct with facts book about any Black Woman? No, Dr. Cofield, replied..

The most disappointing fact is when Oprah to raise the book sales, Oprah placed her dusty face on the cover a book by Skloot who is white, using her name as a key in Hollywood to make it a block buster. Well, I wish to report, Skloot’s book did okay as a best seller to know where, at average price of $9.95. Michael Gold in 1985, published “A CONSPIRACY OF CELLS: ONE WOMAN’S IMMORTAL LEGACY AND THE MEDICAL SCANDAL IS CAUSED.” Michael Gold’s book even in old edition print sells for an average of $43.00 to several hundred dollars on Amazon or other markets. Clearly, this is an accurate fact check moment that Rebecca Skloot’s book cannot come close to the value of Michael Gold’s book published over thirty years ago.  Skloot’s book is only worthy of usage at the next barn fire.  

Johns Hopkins gave Skloot and Oprah more access then Michael Gold. Skloot and Oprah Winfrey had the opportunity to correct and make clear, the facts, and other why’s describing Henrietta Lacks death. But my sources said, “Oprah said let it rip, and gave Rebecca Skloot all the rights to position her book into the movie script, while Oprah nodding, it’s her Rebecca’s book and this is her movie based upon that book.”  

On page xiii, Rebecca Skloot states “ This is a work of nonfiction. No names have been changed, no characters invented, no events fabricated.” Rebecca Skloot’s statement above is not true, false and utterly a lie. Skloot was only trying to convince herself about the many false statement and defamatory remarks published in her book. Rebecca Skloot was in denial and lied to publishers when she submitted her manuscript.  

Lawrence Lacks, Ron Lacks and Dr. Cofield are working on exposing the truth in a real book tell all, possible movie, documentary and more to come, deal. Johns Hopkins is not the only subject of the details and reports regarding Dr. Cofield findings. Another high profile murder occurred at Johns Hopkins, by “unlicensed” surgeons playing doctors. We can assure you that Johns Hopkins liability shall increase into the billions, larger than the current pending syphilis lawsuit in Baltimore U.S. District Court. Where Michael Gold left out the medical scandal details in his book, we intend to complete his chapters for the world to say this is the crime of the century now. Dr. Cofield, says this is about giving the people what they want! A Good Scandal of several kinds all in one.  

Supreme GRAND Bishop-Dr. Keenan Cofield ask Johns Hopkins Hospital  to sue him so we can have the Trial of the Century                            

Dr. Cofield, says “he would ask for a jury trial and put on a criminal homicide case in that civil court.” Hope (Johns Hopkins Hospital and University) sue me, so we can move forward!  

Sign Our Online Petition Seeking Justice for Henrietta Lacks 

On https://www.Henriettalacks.com, under the Support Tab, you can find and locate our Petition to Sign supporting the national and international movement on the Justice and investigation on Henrietta Lacks. Below is an outline of that Petition.  

We the lawful descendants of Henrietta Lacks estate petition the US courts for justice for the unlawful death of our ancestor known as Henrietta Lacks. We also petition the US courts for a remedy for the kidnapping and “unjust enrichment” of Johns Hopkins through the control and development of our ancestor known as the HeLa cell. Therefore we declare the (4) following:  

1.) Any and all information pertaining to the acquisition of the “immortal” organism known as the HeLa cell by Johns Hopkins on October 4th 1951.  

2.) Any and all information that reveals what person, party and/or corporations possesses the copyrights and control of our (HeLa) ancestor.  

3.) Full disclosure of any and all scientific, medical and financial benefits gained from the development, research or application of our (HeLa) ancestor.  

4.) Reimbursement for the 68 years that Johns Hopkins, NIH and other entities has illegally utilized our (HeLa) ancestor.

5.) Restoration of any and all copyright, trademark & legal control of our (HeLa) ancestor.  

Henrietta Lacks, LLC or .com is unable to provide any more additional information or release any documents at this time, but, The World needs to stand by.  

Please CLICK HERE- https://www.henriettalacks.com/ 
on this link to go to the Henrietta Lacks.com new web site. This site is still under some construction and work is being added, daily.  

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Phone: 4435543715
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Website: https://henriettalacks.com

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