OSP is All Set to Enter Healthcare Markets with Advanced Healthcare Platforms

SAN DIEGO, CA – 03-11-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Healthcare automation can maximize product performance and offer the best quality healthcare services efficiently and quickly for optimum patient experience. OSP is leveraging advanced technologies to enable a healthy ecosystem that empowers organizations to achieve the best health outcomes and reduce operational costs.

 “Whether you are a provider, payer or a billing company, the patient is the core of your business. We help to deploy enterprise-wide custom healthcare solutions right from the start to offer the best automation for faster success. Team OSP ensures the scalability of your existing IT solutions and extends their value to help you perform more efficiently and effectively “, said Brij, Project Manager at OSP.  OSP has recently launched next-gen software solutions catering to the needs of healthcare providers, payers, and billing companies. Their commitment to innovation is thoroughly reflected as the development is flexible to the client’s specific needs. Patient Engagement SolutionsAdvanced patient engagement solutions offered by OSP help providers with better reach and patient engagement. Smart features like automated reminders and secure payment options can aid in building loyalty and increase new patient visits. Custom Healthcare SolutionsOSP can build custom task-driven healthcare software solutions to enhance clinical diagnostics and treatment, enhance medical workflows, engage patients, and tackle everyday challenges for value-based care. Population Health AnalyticsGaining a holistic patient view by aggregating healthcare data, real-time visibility into clinical data of population, and smart reporting is made easy with OSP’ customized population health analytics.  Hospital Management SystemOSP can customize advanced hospital management system that has the potential to streamline the treatment flow of patients in the hospital, while allowing healthcare providers and other staff to perform to their top ability, in an optimized and efficient manner. Mental Health BillingTeam OSP can provide a made-to-order mental health billing software solution that meets the needs of behavioral health providers with smart billing capabilities and appointment scheduling.  Healthcare AI SolutionsThe custom healthcare AI solutions built by OSP can streamline functionality specific to healthcare and by simplifying the workflow of creating and deploying advanced models. Clinical Data AnalyticsOSP’ team of committed experts can build next-gen clinical data analytics software solution with an integrated approach to address the healthcare enterprise’s most critical healthcare reporting and decision support requirements. HIPAA-compliant SolutionsOSP’ tailored healthcare software solutions are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). They can help you discover and implement healthcare solutions that strictly follow all HIPAA guidelines. Insurance Claims AnalyticsThe tailored insurance claims analytics offered by OSP has multiple benefits such as claims cycle time reduction, fraud detection, claims recovery optimization and reduction in claim handling costs. Healthcare Payment SystemAutomating healthcare payments is made possible by OSP with the custom-made healthcare payment solution with the integrated cloud-based system to offer efficient and rapid remote data access. Integrated Healthcare SolutionsOSP can build integrated healthcare solutions for healthcare providers, payers and billing companies with enhanced interoperability and efficient operational performance. The fully integrated and customized healthcare software solutions are the need of the hour. For value-based care innovation, combining advanced technology and smart care delivery models can enhance member engagement, enhance coding accuracy & compliance, and ensure value-based care goals.  About OSP:OSP is one of the top custom healthcare software solutions providers in the US that help bring value to the healthcare industry with best-in-class technology. We capitalize on leading-edge technologies such as IoT, cloud, mobile, analytics, and wearables to deliver mission-critical and impactful solutions.

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