A North Carolina Marketing Firm’s Proprietary “Flat Rate” PPC Service Is A Win For Small Businesses

USA – 03-12-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — With nearly every social media platform that exists today incorporating some type of pay per click advertising into their platform developing an affordable marketing strategy for small businesses has never been harder.  A North Carolina based marketing firm, located in Rutherford County NC has made it a little easier.  Trevor Hunter and his team at Sevenfinger Marketing has developed a strategy that allows any small business to be number one on google for a flat rate.   Now, this is achievable with the traditional Google AdWords platform but there are some hurdles for a small business.  Configuring the account itself is a steep learning curve and since it is essentially an auction platform a business can end up making huge errors in the bidding process which can cause them to never be seen or worse spending too much.  Most businesses overcome these risks by hiring a professional to handle their campaigns, this comes at a cost and it varies from company to company but it can be rather expensive.   This makes PPC (pay per click) difficult for a number of businesses.   

Sevenfinger Marketing has managed these types of ad campaigns for years, in fact, Trevor Hunter (Sevenfinger Marketing Owner) created his first google ads account back in 2001 for an automotive business and began to learn the ropes.  Over the years “selling websites and traditional marketing like print as always easy” but the Adwords campaigns were always something that was usually only utilized by the larger businesses due to the cost.

That changed in September 2018, Trevor and some of his team made a discovery, what this discovery was exactly they are keeping a tight lid on but what they discovered is there was a way they could offer flat rate google ads to clients, this suddenly opened the door up to allow very small regional businesses to be able to spend a set amount each month be #1 on Google in 72 hours for their selection of keywords, and be number one no matter how many clicks they received.  This is vastly different from a traditional AdWords Campaign in that with AdWords a business could set their budget at $300 per month and set their bid at $3 and get 100 clicks by the 15th and since their budget is used up they are no longer listed.  This program from Sevenfinger could take that same business and get them their keyword at a flat rate of $150 per month and they always stay on top, no matter what happens throughout the month.  

Sevenfinger Marketing did a soft launch of the service in January and began offering the service to clients they were already working with, and according to Trevor “ it worked flawlessly, everything was absolutely perfect”  “we couldn’t have been happier and the clients loved it, since the soft launch we have had only one client cancel their campaign and that was simply due to some website issues.  Every other client has expanded their campaign to include more keywords, larger areas and so forth”

While we do not know exactly how this works, or the why, Trevor showed us a number of client’s results and even days later after the interview we are still testing the keywords on google that he provided us for about 30 of his nationwide campaigns and they pull up number one every time so even if we do not know what the actual magic sauce is, we know it definitely works.  
This is great for all businesses but especially for smaller businesses with small budgets, this allows the little guy, the hair salon on the corner, the local burger joint, or a stay at home mom that runs an e-commerce store to as they say “take the top spot on google” for a reasonable price.   Trevor did make mention that this should always be second to building a good website with good content, “content is always going to be king” he said, to ensure good organic ranking results but to be able to be #1 in under 72 hours seems like a great place to start to us. 

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