Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – 03-13-2019 ( — BitCEO would like to announce that our Private Sale has successful completed with highly appreciated form many worldwide angel and private investors during the last three months. With that enormous support, bitCEO has been received a substantial amount of capital to continue develop the project, that is the reason why bitCEO decided to close the public sale. After exactly three rounds, it can be said bitCEO has made a roaring success and marked an impressive milestone in its growth.

Below are some relating figures that we would like to public:- The total sold tokens in the private sale has reached 765,135,500 bCEO380,135,500 among 765,135,500 bCEO have been released for all the private investors who did not participate in our last 02 strategic meeting about token locking policy.- 1,141,500 among 105,000,000 bCEO has been used in the bounty and airdrop campaign are going to be released after 07 months from the date that bitCEO is listed on the first exchange. The leftover tokens will be applied in the upcoming campaigns.- 875,000,000 bCEO for team & advisor are going to be locked within 120 months and will be released monthly.- 875,000,000 bCEO for reserve are also locked in 24 months and monthly released. The total amount for reserve are going to be used for project development, back-up fund raising, presents for the winners in the project’s main application.- 350,000,000 bCEO spent for strategic investors & VC;- The rest of unsold tokens will be 529,864,500 bCEO which had been burned because of protecting the benefits of private investors.We are continuing negotiate with other exchanges and the latest listing information will be officially updated in all the bitCEO channels. We have put all team’s effort to develop our product and made it more friendly and stable for the end users. The Ability Store will be published in the next few months which is going to be attractive and increased the demand of using bCEO. Keep calm and stay tune for our exciting upcoming updates.For further information relating bitCEO project please visit our website as the link below: bitceo.ioThank you for your companion.

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