King and Rose Optical Introduces New Optomap Retinal Scanning Technology at Austin Office

Austin, Texas – 03-13-2019 ( — The New Technology is Affordable and EffectiveKing and Rose Optical recently introduced Optomap retinal scanning technology at their Austin office. The technology is the latest in the improvements brought to the industry and is designed to identify hidden eye problems. Performed with the help of an Optomap retinal scanner, it lets optometrists see all the structures of the inside of the eye in detail, without having to use the vision-blurring dilating drops that are used in regular microscopic exams. These tests are important to be able to see inside the eye and identify current and potential problems. A large number of patients find it very uncomfortable to sit in front of a microscope with dilated eyes. It can be painful and very discomforting as well. Hence, they often stay away from optometrists. King and Rose Optical is working to remove the stigma attached to these visits by introducing the latest technology into the mix. One of the representatives said, “At King and Rose Optical, our aim is to provide the best eye care to all our patients. We employee the latest and cutting-edge technology to offer comprehensive eye examination to all our patients.” The technology not only makes optometrist visits less disturbing but also more beneficial. Optomap scanners provide an ultra-wide, 360-degree view of the retina, compared to only 45-degree offered without the Optomap technology. The image is snapped in less than a second and gives us a view of your overall health as the retina is the only part of the body where blood vessels can be viewed directly. Doctors can find signs of not just issues related to the eye but may be able to identify other symptoms as well including symptoms related to heart diseases, diabetes, cancers, and strokes. Dr. Provost, the founder of the clinic, said, “An Optomap scan lets us see issues that are hidden inside. We can identify early signs of diseases and ensure problems are well taken care of, even before they become major.” King and Rose Optical: King and Rose Optical is a high-tech enterprise specializing in issues related to eyes and vision. Featured in Austin Monthly, the eye clinic also offers a wide range of eyeglasses, providing a one-stop solution to all your vision needs. It also houses experienced and skilled opticians and optometrists to take care of patient’s needs. The clinic is known to use the latest technology to provide the best eye care to all its patients. Plus, insurance plans are also accepted. ### Media Contacts: Roland Pardo Company Name: King and Rose Optical Full Name: Dr. Drew Provost Phone: 512.596.3834 Email Address: Website: 

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