VivifyScrum introduces custom feature development service for their tool

SEATTLE, WA – 03-15-2019 ( — VivifyScrum, the manufacturer of the project management software has announced this month that they will offer an additional service to their premium users wherein they will be able to have custom features and functionalities developed and deployed to their version of VivifyScrum.

Co-founder and CTO of VivifyScrum, Milos Janjic says that this service is meant to solve the issue that many, especially Agile companies, have with finding the tool that will truly suit their workflow, “We were in that situation ourselves, actually; it is why we developed VivifyScrum in the first place. It is a paradox where the tools start to shape the day-to-day operations of a company, instead of the other way round. We want to change this. We want our users to work how they want to work.”Already a highly customizable project management tool, with this additional Service, VivifyScrum is vying to become the most customizable solution for companies and teams who do not wish to install half a dozen add-ons and third-party apps for their PM tool.The custom features and functionalities can range from modification of existing features such as Item Cards, worklogs and boards to adding new integrations with third-party tools or entirely new functionalities.Once the timeframe and the costs are agreed upon, the VivifyScrum team develops these custom features in close collaboration with the customers to ensure they will be as beneficial for the customers as possible.The end result (and the ultimate goal) of this new service is a customized tool which never stands in the way and fully supports the way teams work on their projects. About VivifyScrumVivifyScrum is a project management tool for agile companies and teams. It is a comprehensive project management solution which covers every phase of delivering a successful and efficient project. 

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