Commercial AC Provider LV Cooling Launches Informational Campaign

Las Vegas, NV – 03-16-2019 ( — Veteran HVAC Contractor Initiates Outreach Drive Awareness of the Needs of Commercial Environmental Systems

 With the intense summer heat looming just around the corner, seasoned HVAC repair service LV Cooling is launching a campaign to promote the awareness of best practices in installing and maintaining commercial AC systems.  As Las Vegas continues to experience record temperatures, commercial AC units are under unprecedented strain. Recent spikes in heat-related illness and fatalities have demonstrated a fact local residents are all too familiar with; a functional and effective cooling system is no mere convenience. It’s a potentially life saving necessity for businesses and their customers. LV Cooling stands poised to meet the commercial AC installation, repair and maintenance needs of all Las Vegans. Despite the increased demand for cooling services, many commercial enterprises are unaware of the advantages of an established relationship with an HVAC contractor like LV Cooling. This includes: 

  • Cost Savings – Regular maintenance has been proven to save money. LV Cooling maintenance means optimum energy efficiency and a longer operational life. This means more dollars directed towards what’s important for the business. Additionally, HVAC contractors have the expertise to deliver the right solution at the right price for a company’s needs.


  • Responsiveness – Timeliness is everything, and few businesses have the luxury of extended AC service interruptions. With LV Cooling, you’re dealing with local professionals that have the right tools and technical know-how to get any operation back up and running when you need it. Additionally, they typically have parts at the ready to perform any service on-time and on-budget.


  • Professionalism – From dress to demeanor, courtesy and professionalism are at the heart of the service. Site visits are conducted with the utmost consideration for the business environment and all work is conducted in a way that is as minimally invasive as possible.


  • Flexibility – LV Cooling is committed to working with the customer to satisfy the needs of each unique business.

 Carl Torres, owner and proprietor of LV Cooling has remained tuned into to the challenges commercial clients face, particularly in an environment as difficult as Las Vegas. “LV Cooling has over eight years of HVAC repair and installation experience, and we are happy to help your business with all of your air conditioning repair needs in Las Vegas” said Carl Torres, owner and proprietor of LV Cooling. 

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