SeodaPop Celebrates 15th Anniversary; Strong Alone, Invincible Together.

San Diego, CA – 03-18-2019 —

Hamid Tavakoli, CEO, and Founder celebrates the 15th anniversary of an exponentially growing San Diego based Web Design, and Online Marketing company, SeodaPop.

It all started as a way to raise money for school tuitions and living expenses, fifteen years ago. While still in school, Hamid, the founder of SeodaPop started as a freelancer and a one-man company creating websites and developing applications here and there. To mark the occasion, the company is offering a 15% discount on all services throughout May, as well as creating special anniversary features and initiatives.

The company’s focus is on innovation and growth, with 24/7 availability, and ever-expanding services and initiatives, including Web Development, server management, Online Marketing, Digital Branding, SEO and Whiteboard Animated Videos, to mention a few. SeodaPop has been providing successful experiences and delivering e-commerce solutions for both B2B, and B2C companies across a wide range of industries.

“There has been an exponential growth over the last few years of B2B businesses looking to scale online, and only a handful of agencies have the knowledge and expertise required to grow a B2B business online, or have enough experience to recognize and follow the subtle changes in which the Internet works. The best part of working with SeodaPop is that we have the knowledge, and because of that, we are able to bring a B2C “lens” on user experience to re-frame how B2B businesses can digitally transform. We take the time to learn about the business and find the best way in which it can maximize its potential” – Hamid Tavakoli, CEO of SeodaPop.

SeodaPop became the backbone of a childhood dream, and the foundation in which many others would build their dreams. Proud of their originality, and the work they’ve done, SeodaPop is always looking for ways to improve, even if that means breaking the mold, and overcoming obstacles. While Mr. Tavakoli cannot stress enough on how he would not have made it without the help of his team, his teammates convince me they wouldn’t have made it without him.

“Hamid has been my boss for many years, and not only has he taught me valuable work skills, but he has led our team’s focus to maximize our strengths and improve on our weaknesses. He has shown us the passion for the brands we work with, and to take pride in the work we do.” – Paula Pedrini, Editor and Account Manager at SeodaPop.

SeodaPop is a prime example of what to look for on a Web Design and Digital Marketing Company. Any business looking to succeed on their field would be proud to become part of the SeodaPop Family.

About SeodaPop:

SeodaPop is the home of a great team of trained, certified IT experts, digital marketing services, server management, multi-site implementations, 24/7 outsourced network management, remote monitoring and support to increase productivity, data security and revenue growth for clients of different backgrounds and niches.

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