123 DIET Success Story: A Grandmother, 50, reveals how she shed 70lbs in three months WITHOUT doing any exercise – and her transformation is quite incredible

Boca Raton, FL – 03-19-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — A grandmother of five has revealed how she shed 70 pounds in just three months without exercising. Ana Reyes dropped excess weight fast by following a simple & clean eating weight loss plan after she was shocked by a photo taken of the four generations of her family. ‘I couldn’t believe how I looked. At the same time, I couldn’t walk upstairs, I couldn’t paint my toe nails, it was awful,’ she explained.

Ana explained her previous feelings toward her body image made her depressed and she had lost all self-confidence. ‘I didn’t socialize, I didn’t have many clothes that fit me, I was totally embarrassed.’ The mother-of-two has now not only transformed her body, but also her life thanks to her change in diet, hard work and determination for her new and healthy lifestyle. The starting point for the 50-year-old came when she discovered 123 DIET which provided a healthy eating plan and specialized all-natural diet drops, which helped to stop the cravings for sweet foods.  She went from there, keeping focused, following the list of foods and never cheated. 

‘I’ve gone from a very depressed state, to feeling fabulous and confident about myself. As my grandkids would say, I’m 50 and fabulous. Many people believe a diet restricts you from eating completely, however that was not the case. Throughout the process I stuck to fruits for breakfast, like apples and strawberries, with some plain yogurt. My lunches consisted of salads with protein and vegetables and for dinner I ate a lot of steak and fish.

‘I never thought I would be this content with the way I look. I’m just really happy, not only physically but mentally. This has completely changed my life. Thank you 123 DIET’ she said with a huge grin. 

Despite challenges early on, Ana said she started to see results just days into the health plan. ‘I won’t lie, at the beginning you feel a bit yucky as your body detoxes but after two days, I had more energy. I feel absolutely fantastic; I look younger and have my confidence back. I even have a few guys chasing after me,’ Ana joked. 

She said that she feels so good she has recommended 123diet to about ’15 to 20′ other people and hopes anyone can find the strength to make the changes they desire a reality.  ‘Just jump straight in, life is too short, and we need to live life. Don’t think twice about it.’


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