WARDJet Announces the Relaunch of the A Series Waterjet Solution

CANADA – 03-19-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Industry leader in waterjet machines and part of the AXYZ Automation Group, WARDJet announces the relaunch of one of their most successful machines to date, the industrial, compact-sized A Series machine. Its space saving design fits perfectly in the workflow of many small shops and machining centers, at a budget-friendly cost. Comes equipped with the same cutting power as WARDJet’s most industrial waterjets, without compromising on functionality or versatility. 

THE A SERIES: FIT IN. STAND OUT.WARDJet has built its reputation on manufacturing highly productive, reliable and intuitive waterjet cutting systems made in America.  The A Series is an incredibly powerful, yet unbelievably compact machine, making it one of the most versatile cutting systems on the market today. For businesses that need to quickly make a few small parts or prototypes, the A Series makes the perfect addition to a lineup that includes small mills, lasers or routers. Combine this with a quick start-up, short learning curve and updated software that connects instantly with the iPhone generation of today, and you’ve got a machine with all the power and strength of larger waterjets but in a smaller footprint. Other benefits include:SAFE, CLEAN & QUIET – The optional water level control system and cutting table enclosure are two of the available additions that help create a quiet, clean and safe work environment. MINIMIZES REPETITIVE TASKS – Abrasive can be easily added to the integrated bulk feed hopper which allows for approximately 120 minutes of continuous cutting depending on orifice size and abrasive settings.SIMPLE, EASY TO USE SOFTWARE – Included standard with the A-Series is Move™ software, designed exactly like a tablet. Drag and drop to load parts, move and rotate parts with your fingers, and zoom into your cutting area with a pinch. CUTS ANY TYPE OF MATERIAL – Equipped with a 60,000-psi waterjet pump, materials like glass, steel, plastics and alloys up to 7” thick can be cut easily on the A-Series. RELIABLE HARDWARE – Industrial grade rack and pinion drive system results in more accurate cutting of parts. Avoids the slipping, stretching, and thermal expansion pitfalls common with low-cost belt driven systems.Suitable for all types of industries looking to expand business initiatives at a lower cost, the A Series provides the most benefit to small shops and educational facilities where size, safety and ease of use are important elements to a working environment.Contact WARDJet today and discover how easily the A Series waterjet cutting system fits into your workflow and optimizes productivity levels.ABOUT WARDJET: WARDJet is an industry-leading waterjet manufacturer based out of Tallmadge, Ohio. Since 1995, WARDJet has been committed to building superior-quality waterjets constructed completely in-house from locally sourced raw materials. Their focus on customer needs and innovation has driven them to become the largest provider of Tailored Waterjet Solutions. For more information or to contact WARDJet, visit www.wardjet.com.

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