Happiness in a Bottle: The Supplement for Stress

United States, Florida – 03-20-2019 (PRDistribution.com) —  

“We all get stressed out from time to time. Whether you’re on a date, job interview, or want to have a night out without drinking, we’re all craving that release of tension. So that’s really what we set out to solve with our relaxation formula, ElevatePlus. It instantly takes the edge off and just makes you a better you.” 

Bradshaw Steele: Founder of SomaVita Supplements.

Supplements for your brain, otherwise known as nootropics have become increasingly popular, but do they actually work? Bradshaw Steele says yes and no. 


“A lot of these companies underdose their ingredients, hiding behind the confidentiality of a ‘proprietary blend’. This is a legal way for them to not disclose the ingredient amount and more often than not it’s to save money and cut corners. We set out to change this precedent. Our mood booster was formulated based ingredients proven to work by scientific trials. We dose it according to these studies.”


ElevatePlus by SomaVita is one of the few nootropic supplements that disclose their ingredient amounts. Bradshaw hopes to change the way supplements are seen. Too long the industry has gotten away with shady business practices. Hiding behind proprietary blends or just flat out selling supplements that do work as advertised. 


If you’re looking for an herbal/nootropic blend backed by science, then look no further.


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