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United States, California, Cupertino – 03-21-2019 ( — Makes Giving A Life Changing Mission is taking a socially-conscious approach to e-learning by creating products with dual purpose, innovative and practical online learning products that also contribute to shared prosperity by either donating access or supporting vital social causes.

Access to affordable quality learning for most professionals and micro-entrepreneurs around the world is far from widespread. The World Bank states that two billion working-age adults around the world do not have basic literacy skills required by employers. Another alarming fact lies in unemployment among new generations. According to UNESCO, 40% of the global unemployed are between the ages of 15-24 years. by donates access to the entire library every time a paid learner successfully completes an online course.

Basic language, communication, IT, and soft skills transform the futures of people and communities around the world. With this in mind, takes action in bridging the skills gap by teaming up with its global community of learners to provide accessible learning free of charge for people with limited opportunities.

The concept is simple: for every course a learner completes on, a course from basic language, communication, IT, or soft skills is automatically donated to someone deserving, fully involving learners in the reach and success of the platform. partners with non-profit schools and organizations around the world to ensure that the learning resources are given to the people who most need them.

Empowering people has always been a priority for Since its inception in 2016, the company has developed comprehensive learning resources through innovative technology. Other products offered by are, a standardized language testing platform that also provides further learning tuition support;, recipes and diets from the World Wide Web’s best chefs that also provides free meals for the hungry;, a world culture-pedia promoting cultural tolerance and unity;, video language lessons from the internet’s best teachers that also support adult literacy.

“We want to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives by providing essential learning resources while tapping into the humanity and social responsibility in all of us. Our mission, throughout our products and services, is to connect all people to learning opportunities that contribute to happier, more fulfilled lives. By involving our learners, we can grow our reach and help even more people around the world lead happier more fulfilled lives.”  Eli Abirached

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About Inc. loves creating online learning lifestyle solutions that help people build happier, more fulfilled lives. We believe that learning is the key to helping people improve their circumstances and environment, whether it is poverty, opportunity, or self-improvement; education is the answer.

Each solution has a strong social mission. When you use any of our solutions, we give access to these products for free, distributed through one of our partner organizations that give someone else an opportunity to develop the skills they need to improve their life or support a worthy cause.

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