Zike Tv: New Streaming Service To Break The Boundaries Of Streaming Tv

United States, Georgia, Atlanta – 03-21-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Zike Media officially announced that it will introduce Zike Tv streaming services this May.  Streaming tv services based on the creativity of content creators around the world with no commercials and contract.  Being an affordable service that meets the budget of consumers, CEO Marcus Lamar vowed to help content creators gain more exposure through building out a multimedia company that embraces the gifted, create the impossible, and defines the standard of being the content creator streaming tv services that transform the streaming media industry as we know it.

Being priced at $6.99, it will encourage consumers to cut the cord to cable and eliminate their high cable bills.  As the cost of living continues to rise, consumers shouldn’t have to decide on whether to enjoy tv services or pay their rent. They should be able to enjoy both. According to Leichtman Research Group, cable television companies report average spending per subscriber of about $85 a month. It has been found that the average salary earned by millennials is $684 per week, this can be challenging for consumers as the average rent cost in major cities can be six figures easily.Zike Tv address the economical challenges facing some many tv lovers and the growing fact according to Deloitte digital media trend study that compared to traditional tv, consumers enjoy original content offered by streaming services in which Zike Tv services is based on original content produced by content creators. Zike Tv doesn’t just address the growing need of tv lovers but also that of content creators looking to gain more exposure for their content. The genetic makeup of Zike Tv is that of Creators Tv Network Channel, Anointed Pages Gospel Channel, and Zike Sports Channel. Giving content creators the ability to stream content, produced live tv shows, pay-per-view events, and movie rentals. The streaming tv service will showcase content creators original content on a variety of devices which includes Roku, Apple Tv, Smart Tv, Android, and IOS App Store.  Syndication technology will for Zike Tv allows for the compatibility to distributes every piece of content on 50 media outlets. Some of the outlets have tens of millions and hundreds of millions of subscribers. Zike Tv roster of content creators is made of content creators that it helps through strategizing and development of creative ideas for producing content for entertainment and educational purposes. Provide a distribution and syndication outlet for content creators to stream their content on. Lastly, assist content creators with understanding and earning income to assist with further production of more content.By having a model as such content creators creativity will flourish to create more engaging content and remove the idea of having to shop their content around to major networks. The new streaming tv streaming will revolutionize how tv lovers enjoy tv as Zike Tv is looking to ensure that tv lovers don’t get bored with tv and that it should be created through the creation of original content produced by content creators. Zike Media plans on in the next 3 years rolling out additional services to enhance the way consumers see the media industry and enjoy entertainment. 

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