Drone Coach is Raising Money to Create Educational Drone Coding Series

United States, California, San Diego – 03-22-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Drone service consultant and online marketing expert James Harrison is offering drone companies a once in a lifetime advertising & branding opportunity and to support something awesome.

Drones are becoming more popular and more affordable for the everyday consumer. Not only that many companies are starting to utilize drones in routine operations. “The number of drones is expected to more than double over the next year to more than 2.4 million units.”, according to the FAA. According to PhillybyAir:

  • 55% increase in safety on a construction site from using a drone
  • 133 lives saved with drone assistance
  • 1,000 acres of farmland can be inspected in 1 day
  • 98% of surveying time for a 12-acre property drops from 100 hours to 2
  • 5,500 units of blood delivered by drone in Rwandan in 2017

There’s a reason why drones are here to stay.With thousands of companies currently considering drone solutions and even more looking for a pilot or programmer to help run their drone program, we are already seeing a shortage of skilled and versatile drone experts.At the rate the industry is booming, anyone with experience piloting, building, or coding drones wont have a problem finding a job in the near future (if not already).This is one of the reasons why James Harrison at Droneometry.io deciding to start a drone coding class. James, a San Diego father of 3 has coached a variety of sporting teams from tee ball & flag football & even coaches a LEGO® robotics team. So, when he said that he wanted to start a drone coding clinic for kids, there’s no wondering why he has a solid list of kids ready to build, code and fly drones.One of the barriers slowing James down are funds, to obtain the materials and assistance needed to create educational videos for kids in the future. But that’s not going to stop James.“I’m going to film these videos, create workbooks and have fun teaching kids coding even if we don’t raise a cent. I just want to give a few drone companies the opportunity to be part of something fantastic”, said James Harrison.Right now, Droneometry.io is looking for supporters in the drones, aviation, robotics and computer science spaces. They need to raise a grand total of $10,000 to film 10+ high quality videos, publish a workbook on Amazon.com, and get the materials to make it all happen.All companies that donate $2,000 by April 3rd will receive the following:

  • A Logo w/link to website on any Droneometry page for 1 year.
  • Logo Displayed during Thank You Snippet within the 1st 20 seconds of 10 Videos (1,000+ Views & Shared on Social Media)
  • Link to your site in 10 YouTube video descriptions
  • Logo subliminally displayed in the background of all seated video scenes
  • Logo displayed in kids coding workbook that will sell on Amazon.com
  • Brands & models featured in exercises simulating real-world scenarios
  • 1 Blog post covering a topic benefitting your brand

As a bonus, 10-year veteran James Harrison will also provide an SEO audit & website traffic recommendations, as a token of appreciation for your support.FYI: A detailed agreement/S.O.W. will be provided. You will also be granted access to project roadmaps.Here’s where the money will go:

  1. Production of 10 High-Quality Videos + Promotion
  2. 1 Tello Educator Kit
  3. 3 Circuit Scribe Drones
  4. 2 FlyBrix Kits
  5. 2 DroneBlocks Courses (Programming Tello with Python & Math and Drones)
  6. 5 unbranded (non)Lego(r) brick drones
  7. 12 T-shirts with Supporters’ Logos on the back
  8. 6 Tickets to Ruben H Fleet Science Center
  9. Vinyl Banner
  10. Team Tablet
  11. Droneometry for Kids Decals

 If you are a drone manufacturer, education provider or work in the robotics industry, this could be THE opportunity to establish a noticeable presence beyond your current reach.Visit https://droneometry.io/kids/support/ for more details. The drone industry is expected to grow to more than $82.1 billion in annual revenue by 2025. This will be largely driven by the consumer market, according to The Economic Report.

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Website: https://droneometry.io

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