CFX Announces Sample Availability of CF25N10 1Gbit SPI NAND Flash

United States, California, Milpitas – 03-27-2019 ( — CFX, the One-Stop Shop for nonvolatile memory technology and products announced today the availability of samples for its new 1Gbit SPI NAND Flash device. It is the first member of a new product family of Serial NAND Flash products that will also include a 2Gbit device. “The insatiable need for higher and higher density Flash memory devices for embedded applications has led to a new class of products “states George Wang, President of CFX. ” Traditionally, the serial Flash market has been dominated by NOR Flash devices. The NOR technology becomes very expensive at densities above 256Mbit, and serial NAND devices are a natural extension of the SPI Flash architecture.” Full Featured Product The CF25N10 is implemented in a SLC technology providing high density, low cost and high reliability. Serial NAND devices are much more cost effective for high density serial Flash applications than serial NOR due to the much higher density per unit area achieved by the NAND architecture, Flexible I/O architecture allows it to operate in single, dual and quad SPI modes supporting data transfer rates of up to 320 Mbits/sec. Advanced features such as an 8K Byte OTP region provide application flexibility and security. Advanced internal ECC features 8 bits for each 528 bytes allows the device to achieve industry leading reliability of 100K Erase/Write cycles and 10 years of data retention. The device contains 1024 blocks, composed by 64 pages consisting in two NAND structures of 32 series connected Flash Cells. A program operation can be performed in typical 400us on the 2048-bytes and an erase operation can be performed in typical 2ms on a 128K-bytes block. Pricing for the 0 to 70 deg C. version is $.99 each. Packaging options include a space saving 6 x 5 mm WSON package. About CFX CFX(Chuangfeixin Technology) is the world’s first one-stop shop for nonvolatile memory. CFX brings state of the art OTP, NOR Flash and NAND SLC Flash technologies to the market in standard product and IP core form. This allows customer to choose the optimum system’s solution to meet a wide range of applications requirements. CFX is also focused on providing leading edge levels of reliability to the NVM market.

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