Randi Ward selected as Female Visionary of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP)

United States, Georgia, Atlanta – 03-29-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Randi D. Ward, Educator, Writer, Entrepreneur and Founder of the English Institute, a center teaching English language skills in Cairo, Egypt, has been selected as Female Visionary of the Year for 2020 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP).  

While inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals is an honor in itself, only one man and one woman are selected as “Visionary of the Year.” These special honorees are distinguished based on their professional accomplishments, academic achievements, leadership abilities, longevity in the field, other affiliations, contributions to their communities, and have given visionary leadership to their industry.  All honorees are invited to attend the IAOTP’s annual award gala at the end of this year for a night to honor their achievements. www.iaotp.com/award-gala  

Randi was just recently honored at IAOTP’s 2018 Annual Awards Gala at the Plaza Hotel in NYC where she was selected as Top Female Professional of the Year, and she was also invited as a speaker.  In 2017 Randi was also selected by IAOTP as Top Professional of the Year in Language Arts for her outstanding leadership and dedication to the field in which she was honored at IAOTP’s 2017 Annual Award Gala at the Ritz Carlton in Battery Park, NYC.  

Randi is being recognized as Female Visionary of the Year for her outstanding leadership, her commitment to her profession, her four decades of professional experience in education and the arts, and her community outreach. Randi just recently came back from South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, and Botswana where her mission was to help endangered animals.  She has demonstrated success not only throughout her teaching career but also as an award-winning author and successful business entrepreneur.  The President of IAOTP, Stephanie Cirami stated, “Choosing Randi for this honor was an easy decision for our panel to make.  Aside from her long list of achievements, accolades, and humanitarian efforts, Randi is gracious, brilliant, humble and an empowered female business leader.  She is a true visionary of her time and just an incredible person and dear friend.  I cannot wait to celebrate all of her achievements at the gala this year.” 

Randi began her career as a Language Arts Teacher and was one of the first gifted/talented teachers in West Virginia.  Once retired from the Gwinnett County Public Schools in Metro-Atlanta, Georgia, Randi went on to work as an ESL educator in Cairo, Egypt, teaching English to Egyptian university students, university graduates and professionals seeking to become fluent in English.   

Once retired from teaching, Randi founded “Rise Up” an adult English Language Center with partners Ahmed Mohamed and Ehab Mohamed (former students of hers in Cairo) and then opened a second English center in Cairo with her partner Samar Farouk.  6 October English Institute taught Egyptian students from ages 5 months to 5 years old as well as offered classes to Egyptian parents and adults.  Randi taught these classes via Skype from her home in Georgia. This role was fitting for Mrs. Ward because she was able to utilize her diverse background and experience, her creative talents, imagination, and writing and language skills. When the educational institute was forced to close in early 2015, Randi picked up her pen and paper and decided to continue her writing career. Her first book “Because I Believed in Me (My Egyptian Fantasy Came True),” a true life-changing adventure filled with terror, enchantment, joy and magical rebirth, was published in 2012.  Randi has completed three other books, “Dream Bigger” which is a collection of adult reading level short stories, a collection of children’s short stories entitled “Fables and Rhymes for All Times”, and her world travel adventure novel entitled “Random Wanderings.” She hopes to publish them in the future. This fascinating woman is also working on her poetry, creating motivational videos for YouTube, writing blogs and designing motivational t-shirts while writing lyrics to her first song. Randi is the Chief Editor and a Contributing Writer for “Morocco Pens” (an online magazine founded by Ayoub Elkadi) and an Administrator for Arabian Online Press on Facebook. Soon she will create her new podcast. It is her desire to introduce the world to other “big dreamers” like her and to recognize and highlight the amazing work they are doing to help their communities and/or humanity. She also enjoys helping Facebook friends (now considered like family) who have moved to the USA as legal immigrants. Having traveled with her husband to 60 countries in four continents, she has seen how some people sadly struggle in various parts of the world. Being a proud American, she wants others to experience the incredible lifestyle with which she has been blessed. Thus, she and her husband Bill have hosted five Egyptian and two Moroccan immigrants in their home over the past six years. Her life philosophy is reflected in her copyrighted quote: “Believe!  Don’t dream big; dream bigger! The sky is the limit so reach for the stars!” 

Randi graduated valedictorian of the Moundsville High School Class of 1967.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Language Arts and her Master of Arts Degree in Education for teaching Gifted and Talented for Grades K through 12 from Marshall University.
Randi remains active in her community and has been recognized worldwide for her outstanding leadership and commitment to the profession. She is the USA Regional Director of the Africa Nomads Conservation in Kenya (founded by Noor Santosian), and Coordinator and Honorary President of World Peace Forest (Africa) in Egypt (founded by Ambassador Mahmood Hassauna).  In 2014 she was selected as Entrepreneur of the Year by Worldwide Who’s Who and was highlighted in its annual calendar for the month of March and later that year was named a Pinnacle Professional member of Continental Who’s Who. In 2015 she was inducted into the National Association of Professional Women and honored as “Woman of the Year”.  In 2016 she was named “Professional of the Year” by the International Association of Who’s Who and became a Delegate for IWLA. IWLA published her article “Taking the Needed Risks” in its “Choices” magazine in June 2016 on which she appeared on the cover and did a YouTube video interview with her. She appeared in the magazine “Women of Distinction” in October 2016 and was interviewed in a podcast. International Society of Business Leaders selected her as Editor of 2016.  For 2017 she was selected as “Top Professional of the Year in Language Arts” by the International Association of Top Professionals and in 2018 graced the front cover of TIP Magazine.  She was also selected as Top Female Professional of the Year by IAOTP. She is highlighted in the 2017 book edition of Strathmore’s Who’s Who as a VIP member. In 2018 she was selected by Marquis Who’s Who as a Top Female Executive and as an Outstanding Author for its sister organization Women of Excellence. She was recognized in its POWER magazine.  On February 6, 2018, one of her short stories “Isabella’s Undying Love” was launched in a Valentine Anthology book called “A Cup of Love” along with 29 other award-winning authors. The profits from this book will be donated to First Book (an organization that gives away free books to children).  Randi is also a sought-after speaker and lecturer. 

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