mPerpetuo to sell off its camera patent portfolio

United States, California, San Francisco – 04-01-2019 ( — mPerpetuo Inc. a Delaware company founded in 2013, specializing in the development of an LTE 4G/5G connected handheld Android prosumer camera. The company was funded by a leading world-known camera company.   In 2018, the company has lost its future funding and is now selling its assets.

 Among the assets are three granted US patents which are relevant to any image capture device including digital cameras, and or smartphones. 9,800,975  Audio system for a digital cameraDescribing a high-end audio configuration for surround recording of audio, supporting multiple orientations1.    A digital camera, comprising:  ….. at least three spaced-apart microphones aligned with the optical assembly for capturing audio during image capture, …. along two directional axes for capturing stereo audio in at least two camera orientations, … 9,838,607 Passive optical electronic camera viewfinder apparatusMagnifier Eyepiece Viewfinder using the back display1.    A digital camera, comprising:…. a viewfinder coupled to the housing including a magnifying lens, wherein the viewfinder is movable between a stowed position and an active position for viewing a subset of display screen pixels with magnification, wherein the viewfinder is rotatable between the stowed and active positions. 10,122,914 Method of controlling a camera using a touch slider                    Smart touch Screen User interface based on finger movement. 1. A digital camera, comprising:…. a touch slider configured for sensing a relative movement of a finger, thumb or stylus or other tool of a user, or combinations thereof, and adjusting a value of an imaging parameter based on said relative movement; an ergonomic camera grip at one end of the camera housing, and wherein said grip includes a transparent rear volume for viewing a portion of the display screen that the grip overlaps.For more information, please contact

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