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United States – 03-29-2019 ( — Permanent Mount Wireless Sensors…your machines now have a voice…

The ERBESSD INSTRUMENTSteam is extremely excited to announce the latest innovation in wireless sensor technology. The Phantom® wireless sensor suite of products is the only wireless sensor technology of its kind. The Phantom® line of sensors uniquely enables users to monitor every possible condition of a machine with the lowest installation costs, highest accuracy, and the very best quality.Capable of monitoring vibration, amperage, temperature, speed, and any other process variable the Phantom® wireless suite of sensors monitor machines all day…every day. Combined with the newly released EI-Analytic Machine Learning Smart Alert™ technology platform Phantom® allows operators of machinery the ability to easily identify faults, share analytical data, receive mobile alarm alerts, and predict failure. Machine Learning TechnologyThe DigivibeMX® open architecture software suite continues to power ERBESSD INSTRUMENTSproducts. The Machine Learning Technology built into DigivibeMX® utilizes a user defined preset Machine Learning time period along with recognized industry alarm standards, and the ERBESSD teams ever expanding library of machine type failure identification patterns to constantly learn and improve to accurately recognize and alert the user via mobile Smart Alert™ push notifications when appropriate.


Totally Safe…Totally Reliable…Totally Wireless…. The End of Proprietary Vibration DataFollowing the ERBESSD strategy of making vibration analysis affordable, available, and accessible the Phantom® sensor suite can communicate with the powerful DigivibeMX® analytical software and its open architecture SQL database. Phantom® can also easily and seamlessly integrate with existing systems through the open API Developer SDK.

api para aplicaciones de desarrolladores
Developer SDK

 Michael Howard, Chief Executive Officer of ERBESSD INSTRUMENTSstated “The entire industry has focused for far too long solely on wireless vibration analysis. Vibration is only one important machine condition that should be considered. Our team listened to the customer and delivered a product that can monitor all the conditions of machines. The impressive 150-meter range, 2-6-year battery, and incredibly high-quality data produced by the Phantom® range of sensors sets the undisputed IoT industry standard for wireless sensor technology ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS – Masters of Machine HealthWith facilities Merida and Mexico City, Mexico as well as Queensbury, New York, ERBESSD INSTRUMENTSdevelops the newest, cutting edge, cost effective, vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, wireless online monitoring, and laser alignmenttechnologies with passion for integrity & our customers ultimate satisfaction.

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