Turf Feeding Systems is saving Small Town Sports Fields in America

United States, Texas, Houston – 04-01-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Turf Feeding Systems https://turffeeding.com a Texas fertigation company has a mission and a passion to help small town high schools improve their sports fields and is looking for a high school sports field to restore and be a case study project.

High School sports fields are the most important grass in many small towns in America, but many are suffering from lack of budget, poor conditions or lack of management.

Turf Feeding Systems is looking for a small town high school sports field for a restoration project and will be donate their fertigation system and fertilizer to grow great turfgrass and create the best sports field in the region.

It will be a great story of helping a struggling small town sports field to become great to inspire the team and the town. The Sports Turf Managers Association https://www.stma.org/ will follow the project and document the story in their publication. Turf Feeding Systems will supervise the fertigation system and agronomy for the project.

Michael Chaplinsky states, “Small town high school sports fields make up over 50% of the school fields in America and many are suffering from many reasons, but my mission is to help any small town improve their high school field and become the best and motivate the team to become great.  We have done it many times across the US like the Joaquin High School football field in a small East Texas town with a population of 812”.

Mark Bonner, the Joaquin HS grounds manager states, “We had poor stadium turfgrass for years with big patches of white crusty dirt, because our irrigation water is high in sodium and bicarbonate. No one could help us and we had little hope until we met Michael Chaplinsky at Turf Feeding Systems.  We installed his fertigation and followed his nutrient recommendations to feed the soil and the grass. Then bingo in several months we had great thick green grass.The coaches love the field because it is so thick and dense and safe for the players.  Michael Chaplinsky knows how to grow grass, he helped us greatly and fertigation is a great tool for our irrigation to manage our sports field”.

Michael Chaplinsky concludes, “Our mission is to help small town schools become great.  Besides it is the right thing to do in America”.

Turf Feeding Systems is dedicated to helping small town schools and municipal golf courses in America, which are both struggling.  




Turf Feeding Systems is a leader in fertigation for over 30 years, and produces fertigation systems for golf, sports, landscapes and horticulture worldwide.

Michael Chaplinsky is the President/Founder of Turf Feeding Systems and is an expert in fertigation, irrigation, soils, and sodium issues in water and soils.  He speaks at conferences worldwide and consults on irrigation and agriculture projects internationally.

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