Tierno® – Tenderize meat while cooking or grilling

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Tierno® – Tenderize meat while cooking or grilling

Today The TIERNO® launches on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Starting from $33 for the early bird special,  it is a game changer meat tenderizer, a kitchen tool that allows to tenderize meat while cooking or grilling, keeping the meat texture plus saving time!


Tierno® is a new meat tenderizer tool with a long aluminum handle a solid stainless steel roller that allows people to tenderize meat while grilling or cooking without destroying the original meat texture plus saving time, effort and water when it is compared with other tenderizers. This meat tenderizer is an essential kitchen tool for anyone who seeks to cook/grill, serve and eat meat at home, the backyard or a restaurant. 
Designed to be a strong, long lasting, beautiful and functional kitchen tool, it is made of premium materials to provide an unparalleled visual and tactile finish.




Tierno® is a meat tenderizer built with two main parts

The Long Handle (17.5 in) built from a strong aluminum alloy casting,  is ergonomically designed. This piece converts a horizontal axis driving force into a vertical axis to transmit and maximize all the power to the roller, its long design prevents hands from burning.

The Roller (2.5 Dia.) is the backbone of the meat tenderizer.  Made of stainless steel casting, it is a heavy, solid piece with rows of spikes/pyramid-shaped tenderizers that while rolling softens the fibers, making the meat easier to chew and to digest.

Tierno® the new meat tenderizer is better than the hammer and  the blades tenderizers:

Tierno® keeps meat texture. Unlike the hammer that crushes the meat and the nails tenderizer which make deep holes, the marks that the Tierno® pyramid spikes create in the meat are tiny and considered to be superficial. For this reason our meat tenderizer does not destroy the original texture of meat and is not seen as an invasive tool.

Tierno® saves time, effort and water. To use the hammer and nails tenderizer you will need a meat cutting board and a plate to pile tenderized meat, Tierno® saves one procedure step by tenderizing while cooking or grilling, saving time, no cutting board and pile plate need to be used, cleaned and stored, saving more time, effort and water.

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