Phoenix Dream’s “Hundred Cities Charity” Changing the World Through the Power of Love

United States, Illinois, Chicago – 04-03-2019 ( — Whenever we come across social injustices, natural disasters and man-made disasters, we will feel affected by these happenings. We wish that we are able to do something for them, but at the same time, feel that we do not have the ability to actually do it. Therefore, Phoenix Wealth Management hope that through the actions and influence of the company and the power of love, the entire society will promote the spirit of charity together, not only to do charity, but also to drive more people around to be involved and add more positive energy to the society. As a result, Phoenix Wealth Management launched the “Phoenix Dream Foundation” in March this year. At present, it has launched a number of charitable activities to care for underprivileged children in the Asia-Pacific region. Through the activities, we help the underprivileged children change their current situation through poverty alleviation so that they can bravely pursue their dreams.

Mr. David Yang, General manager of Phoenix Wealth Management, Asia Pacific shared in a media interview that the Phoenix Dream Foundation is a non-profit, non-political, public charitable trust and provides comprehensive range of aid and care to underprivileged children, of all ages.Phoenix Dream Foundation will first address the current and future needs of children and youth in the Asia Pacific region. The Phoenix “Hundred Cities Charity” is a large-scale public welfare activity initiated by the Phoenix Dream Foundation in 2019. Phoenix Wealth Management will promote the “Hundred Cities Charity through a city a month and provide funds, education, medical care etc, to 100 institutions dedicated to poverty and disability or regions stricken with poverty. With this, we hope to truly help the children change their current situation for the better and for them to have the opportunity to have a better life. Up to now, institutions from Myanmar, Japan, Taiwan, China, Laos and other regions have gotten in touch with the Phoenix Dream Foundation. Phoenix Wealth Management also sent team members to visit and learn how to arrange and provide assistance to the local area. Mr. David Yang also mentioned that the Phoenix “Hundred Cities Charity” is not only meant to help these underprivileged children to solve their livelihood issues, but is also meant to help these children through practical actions. At the same time, it will help them to have the rights and opportunities they deserve so that they are able to pursue their dreams regardless of the differences in background or resources. Charity is an act that’s never ending. Phoenix Wealth Management will put in every effort to help everyone in need, create an infinite cycle of goodness, radiate positivity and continue to keep it going so as to make the world a better one. 

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