Element 84 Launches cubesatdata.com

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA – 04-05-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Automated Remote Sensing Data Management Platform

Element 84 today announced the release of cubesatdata.com, a self-service remote sensing data management platform for smaller projects and teams.  The platform is designed to support data management following downlink of L0 data and includes end-to-end system architecture, cloud archive optimization, data pipeline processing and archives of convenience, as well as a robust user-interface for search, discovery, and visualizations.  The cloud-based solution is instantly scalable to meet data and processing needs from a variety of customers.  Cubesatdata.com also includes simplified payment processing and security and access auditing and is all backed by the power of AWS.  According to Dan Pilone, Co-Founder and CTO of Element 84, “The launch of cubesatdata.com represents a significant step forward in supporting the remote sensing data management for all organizations needing data processing and scalability for satellite and drone data.  The platform provides a lower cost of entry for academic institutions, nonprofits, and other small businesses who lack the domain expertise or the desire to support an end-to-end data management system.”Over the last several years, Element 84 has been centrally involved in NASA’s transition to the cloud, supporting their Earth Observing System (EOS) and Earthdata programs representing over 20PBs of remote sensing data and preparing for an order of magnitude increase with upcoming missions.In addition to cubesatdata.com, Element 84 has also recently launched FilmDrop, a platform providing end-to-end remote sensing data management with support for customizable data processing, analysis, and front-end visualizations for large volume customers.About Element 84Element 84 designs and develops scalable software solutions that improve our world.  We work with business, government, and nonprofits to create applications and data systems that can help users solve problems and answer the big questions.  Our projects include national movie streaming services, petabyte earth science and remote sensing repositories, satellite data storage and manipulation, and multi-platform mobile application development.   For inquiries please contact John Mize at jmize@element84.comor visit us at www.element84.com.

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