United States, Utah, Salt Lake City – 04-05-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — MINDFUL INFUSIONS has launched three locations in Utah to provide access to an exciting breakthrough treatment for people suffering from chronic mood and pain disorders. The overwhelmingly positive patient response to ketamine infusion therapyis rapidly spreading across the United States. Mindful Infusions is on the forefront in Utah, ensuring this life-changing treatment is available to more people in need. Founder and Owner Nykol Rice worked almost ten years as an RN, spending most of that time in the neurological critical care unit at the University of Utah Hospital, so she knows first-hand the lasting effects of traumatic injuries and the relentless battle against chronic mental health conditions like PTSD, TRD, major anxiety, migraines and more. Antidepressants take weeks to become effective and come with a long list of possible side effects, and yet, some people feel worse or no difference at all. Ketamine infusion therapy has proven to be life-saving for some who thought they had tried everything, and may help those on the verge of losing hope.

Ketamine is an FDA-approved anesthetic widely used since the Vietnam War and since the early 2000s to help treat mood and pain disorders, research by scientists at Yale, Oxford and other prominent universities has initiated a monumental change to the landscape of treating debilitating, severe issues. Though not yet approved to treat such conditions, ketamine is considered “off-label” and is not covered by insurance, as is nearly a quarter of all prescription medication in the United States. With cost at a premium, selecting a competent provider is a vital first step to success and recovery. Infusions must be administered by a qualified healthcare professional at a dosage and schedule determined by the individual’s specific care plan.One patient from the clinic Ms. Rice founded in Boise, Idaho, describes her experience like this: “Ketamine helps me clarify and understand with hope and not the critical eye I typically view myself with. Ketamine gives me the ability to disengage.” This treatment is not a cure and results are not guaranteed, however, thousands of lives have already been changed for the better and the future is only getting brighter.Mindful Infusions shines a light in the darkness from all three of their locations in Utah.Salt Lake City4444 S 700 E
Suite #102
Salt Lake City UT  84107Tel:(385) 299-0473St George368 E Riverside Drive
Suite 3B
St George UT 84790Tel:(435)459-3165Blanding196 E Center StreetBlanding UT 84511Tel:(435) 459-0070
Fax:(435 )678-3668

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