Infinite ideas and infinite people who have the potential to make them happen we can do anything as humans in the impossible reality from magic to exotic technologies from other planes of existence et

United States, Minnesota, Big Lake – 04-06-2019 ( — I’m looking for scientist entrepreneurs theorist futurist philosophers investors intelligence agencies don’t want to work on all kinds of highly imaginative concepts from all genres of sci-fi and fantasy from creating real magic is in science and technology research and concepts like infinite omniverses and beyond what’s beyond the multiverse and definitely both fabric of reality to manipulating parallel universes to crating and manipulating other physical universes so we can make anything happen in our universe to exponential entrepreneurs who want to don’t businesses that mine things like the sun for its energy mine diamond planets mine parallel universes etc to crating synthetic biology life-forms intelligent that for more information contact me unlimited funding lots more ideas conetps ect.

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