Jason Nash and Harrison Houde Partnered with Scrim TV to Produce Two New, Exclusive Web Series Coming Late 2019

Los Angeles, California, United States of America – 04-08-2019 — Scrim TV today confirmed that its latest partnership, with Jason Nash and Harrison Houde, had formed in March 2019, with the popular content creators agreeing to create two new web series, both of which will be exclusively aired on Scrim TV toward the bed of 2019.

 Both Nash and Houde are already well known, with Nash first finding fame as a Vine comedian before moving to YouTube. Houde (Houde Films, Diary of a Wimpy Kid) has been earmarked by Hollywood Reporter as one of Canada’s up-and-coming top rising stars. Further details on their collaboration have yet to be released, but Scrim TV confirmed that production would commence in Fall 2019 with funding from the platform. “We are very excited to welcome Jason and Harrison to Scrim TV and to help them to produce the show they want to without constraints. Our model is one that takes the best of YouTube and Netflix to create a creator-centric platform where quality comes first,” said Michael Estes, CEO of Scrim TV. Scrim TV is an independent online video platform that puts its content creators at the forefront, providing funding for high-quality content that delivers genuine engagement with viewers. Content creators on Scrim TV also enjoy a stable income from a flat rate 70:30 ad revenue split on all videos, along with in-depth analytics, a fundraising platform, and a social network that enables easy collaboration between creators. Scrim TV’s focus on working with creators comes in stark contrast to developments on YouTube, the industry’s leading online video platform. YouTube has been under fire from both the media, advertisers, and its top creators in recent months, with a series of controversies centering around advertising, censorship, and a series of algorithmic changes, which left many of YouTube’s creators disillusioned. Leading content creators on YouTube, faced with drops in ad revenue, unfavorable algorithmic positions, increasingly stricter rules and guidelines, and apparent disinterest from YouTube officials, are already looking for alternatives that can provide them with a stable audience, a stable income, and more importantly, a stable platform in which they can create content without constraints. YouTube content creators have also noticed a trend toward the ‘corporatization’ of the platform; this is most evident in the ongoing battle between Felix Kjellberg (Pewdiepie), an independent creator, and T-Series, an Indian corporate video creator. For most of 2019, the two channels have been battling it out to be the most subscribed channel on the platform. The accusations of corporatization were only further enhanced when Zac Efron launched his own YouTube channel with the blessings of YouTube, which promoted his first video to bring in 200K viewers in just 24 hours. Many YouTubers were quick to point out the contrast between open arms for mainstream celebrities – and demonetization and copyright strikes for everyone else. “It’s clear that YouTube is slowly moving toward a more corporate and sanitized model; while this is a welcoming move for advertisers, it puts constraints on the platform’s original content providers that they do not necessarily support,” said Estes. “As Hollywood stars like Zac Efron join YouTube and enjoy immediate support and promotion, we believe that homegrown YouTube talent will be looking to other platforms that will support their vision – and we welcome them with open arms.” For more information about Scrim TV and to sign up as a member or content creator, please visit https://www.scrim.tv/.For all general and media inquiries, please contact Michael Estes at 520-705-4686 or [email protected]About Scrim TVScrim TV is an online video platform that bridges the gap between YouTube and Netflix, which rejects the inclination of platforms to follow algorithms and trending content in favor of providing a transparent network in which content creators can focus on making high-quality content on subjects they care about. The platform also offers content creators a stable income and security. For more information, please visit Scrim TV’s website. Website: https://scrim.tv/Twitter: https://twitter.com/TvScrim

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