The Author Lawrence David Niren Announces The Publication Of His Newest Novel “Light Of The Lord’s Lesbian”

United States, California, San Diego – 04-10-2019 ( — Lawrence David Niren’s latest novel, LIGHT OF THE LORD’S LESBIAN, is the story of a magnificent beautiful lesbian, Christmas, her wife Calina, and their dog Juvia, who is an angel, that are God’s messengers, who the Lord has favored and chosen, like Moses, to lead all oppressed people of the world, out of bondage and suffering, and onto freedom, and to receive God’s Laws, throughout the ages, in hundreds of centuries, and in many dimensions and reincarnations, all over the world, including Fatima and the Miracle Of The Sun, Portugal, the former Soviet Union, Mexico, France, Italy, the United States, Africa, on a cruise from America to Europe, and finally on the isle of Lesbos, where thousands of lesbians live, and millions visit in passion and love every year.


At first, Christmas is very promiscuous with hundreds of women, and the main purpose of her life is seducing other beautiful women. But like Paul, in the New Testament, who was originally a Roman who persecuted our Lord, as soon as the Lord suddenly appeared to Christmas, and He told her what her calling was, Christmas became an extraordinary being who had great faith, belief, and love of the Lord, and there was no doubt in her soul that the Lord was everything that was great in the world, and she became a soul who found her calling, which was to love the Lord and to help everyone who needed her. In the end, Christmas, Calina, and Juvia became three of the Lord’s favored messengers. And yes, lesbians have amazing sex, love, and same-sex marriage, which the Lord never said was a sin in the New Testament, which means that it is acceptable as love by the Lord.


Lawrence David Niren is also the author of COMPASSION I and COMPASSION II, a 1,100+ page epic novel that Amazon had to publish in 2 novels because of its length, about the REAL story of the Cup of the Holy Grail, the Tower of Babel in modern times, a horrific murder that spans over 40 years all over the world, and about a polygamous family. and


Lawrence David Niren is also the author of the controversial novel that the offices of Senator Kamala Harris and the offices of Congressman Joe Kennedy III, both have copies of, called JUVIA, KENNEDY & THE TRIAL AND CONFESSION OF TRUMP, in which a miracle dog Juvia, and Congressman Joe Kennedy III, run for President and win, Trump is brought to trial and confesses to a deed that even his most fervent supporters would not know how to deal with, and the novel is also about Frump, who may be Trump’s son.


Lawrence David Niren is also the author of THE LEX TALIONIS OF BRETT KAVANAUGH, which is a what-if thriller of a novel about a horrific crime that Brett Kavanaugh may have committed years ago, that no one knows about, simply because the young girl is dead.


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